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School Parking Signs

Reduce Parking Lot Bedlam with School Zone Traffic Signs

When it comes to hectic and chaotic parking lots, those belonging to schools take first prize. Posting school parking signs and school zone warning signs are a must for school administrators and property managers. For elementary and middle school parking lots, parents dropping off their kids must navigate the congested space with school buses drivers and staff.

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For high school parking lots the situation can become even more chaotic as now inexperienced 16-year-old drivers are maneuvering the lot with parents, staff, school buses and visitors. With everyone trying to get to the same place at the same time, school parking signs can control the space to improve everyone’s safety while minimizing accidents.

Post School Zone Speed Limit Signs to Increase Safety for All

One popular school zone parking sign is pick-up / drop-off signs to help guide parents and guardians where they can both drop and pick up their kids to and from school. Posting such signs amid the background of school zone speed limit signs helps ensure a slow-moving, well-orchestrated flow of traffic with minimal slowdowns and disruptions. Such school zone warning signs and other directional signs can help ensure students get to class on time and parents aren’t delayed when exiting the school grounds.

While school zone warning signs can maximize safety for drivers and pedestrians, custom school parking signs such as those for visitors, principals, vice principals or others can help convey a sense of authority and control. Customized school parking signs such as those for “Carpoolers Only” (paired with privileged parking) can encourage this practice, which benefits students, staff, parents and the environment. By carpooling, fewer cars on the parking lot increases traffic efficiency for everyone.

Don’t Forget the School Bus Stop Ahead Sign

In addition to popular and necessary school zone traffic signs, school districts in rural settings may need to purchase school bus stop ahead signs so that motorists can be aware of school bus stopping and pedestrians crossing.

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