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ADA Economy Series Signs

Our Economy Line of ADA Restroom Signs

Our company provides an economy line of ADA Restroom Signs that are ideal for appropriately marking bathrooms when your company is on a tight budget or requires a temporary solution until you can order more elaborate signage for your building. You can display these signs without straining your funds in areas outside of California or New York State where ADA regulations are not as strict. This allows you time to figure the costs of the signs that you prefer to display while still providing adequate access for the handicap to the restrooms in your facilities. After all, how can people use these rooms if they do not know where they are in your establishment? Our Economy Signs are 1/8” Injected molded plastic with federal blue background and white pictograms and tactile text. Do not avoid displaying the correct ADA, Bathroom Door Sign on each restroom when you can display our economy signs while you decide on your permanent ones. We always recommend checking with your local CASp Inspector to see if our Economy Series signs are permitted within your building or facility.

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Women Versions of the ADA, Bathroom Door Signage offers three styles of economy ADA Restroom Signage for display outside women's bathrooms. The first one is a Door Sign and is circular in shape. It measures 12" in diameter and contains a pictogram of a woman on it with the word WOMEN underneath it. In addition, this sign contains tactile text, but no Braille. This version is to mark the door. You also can consider two different square ones that both measure 8" x 8". One version has a woman of a pictogram and a person in a wheelchair on it with the word WOMEN underneath the images. On the other square sign, you will find a pictogram of a woman with the word WOMEN underneath. Textile text and Braille come on both square models. The last two versions are to hang on the wall next to the bathroom door. All these versions come with backgrounds of federal blue with white images and text.

Men Versions of ADA Restroom Signs

Do you require a male version of a Bathroom Door Sign that complies with ADA regulations? You are in luck as we provide a version of the sign just for this purpose. It is triangular in shape, measures 12" x 12" at its widest points and contains a pictogram of a man with the word MEN underneath, and also has tactile text without Braille. Now, for the wall next to the door, we offer two different square versions of signs for the men's bathroom that are 8" x 8" in size. In one, there is a pictogram of a male, in another, there is a pictogram of a male and the wheelchair symbol. Both versions have the word MEN underneath the images. Textile text and Braille come on these ADA Restroom Signs.

Other Offerings in Our Economy Line of ADA Bathroom Door Signage

You will also see economy, ADA Restroom Signs for unisex bathrooms in our selection below. Remember to select a Bathroom Door Sign on top of a wall sign, as you will require both to comply with ADA regulations. We offer EXIT signs that contain a background of federal blue with white lettering, tactile text and grade-2 Braille. The sign measures 5" x 3" and are ideal to mark all exits of your building. To display publicly the fact that your building is ADA compliant, we offer you two different styles of the ISA symbol. One adheres to the outside of your windows while the other version is static cling to attach on the inside of your windows. Please browse our economy line of ADA Restroom Signs below to select which signs suit your purposes. Contact us if you have any questions, or to order your signage.