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ADA Luminescent Signs

ADA Compliant Tactile And Braille Luminous Signage Made with Rowmark LaserGlow

ADA luminous signs, also called ADA luminescent signs, or ADA photoluminescent signs, are specially engineered signs made from a flexible plastic substrate that glows in total darkness after exposure to light. These Glow-in-the-dark ADA Signs also come manufactured with tactile raised text, pictograms or symbols and include compliant Grade 2 Braille for the blind. ADA compliant luminous signs are being used by more and more states and municipalities, and luminescent Braille signs are required by the New York Department of Buildings Local Law 26. The real difference in construction of ADA compliant luminous signs is in the base material. We use Rowmark LaserGlow™ material because it is specifically engineered to exceed the photoluminescent standards set by many municipalities and organizations, including New York City Local Law 26. Constructed of non-radioactive material, LaserGlow™ flexible plastic substrate is an ideal choice for any luminous emergency exit, stairwell indicator, fire evacuation sign and for any other wayfinding signage.

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We Supply ADA Compliant Luminescent Signs In A Matter Of Days!

Not many companies have been willing to devote the time and energy to becoming experts in the manufacture of ADA compliant luminous signage. In most cases it can be quite challenging to find a supplier that is both familiar with the product and able to manufacture in a timely manner. But good news: If you're reading this, you've solved that problem! is one of the leading suppliers of ADA compliant luminous signs. We ship our made-in-California ADA luminescent signage nationwide. And while many Braille sign makers do not keep the materials for ADA luminous signs in stock, we not only keep the material on hand, we keep the most commonly purchased ADA luminous signs in stock and ready to ship. This includes any ADA compliant luminous EXIT signs and the hard-to-find ADA compliant luminescent Area of Refuge signage.

You can view a range of standard ADA compliant luminous signs on our website below. All of these can be shipped in 5 to 7 business days. But what if you need a specific ADA luminous sign that has to be custom made? Not a problem! We can make custom ADA luminous signage in just 5 to 7 business days, which is a whole lot faster than the five to seven weeks you would have to wait for luminous signs made from other suppliers.

What Is The Purpose Of Using ADA Luminescent Signage Vs Standard ADA Signs?

While ADA Luminescent Signs are a niche product, we feel the benefits of signs that do not require an external light source and will be visible in blackout conditions make ADA Luminous Signs an important product for both safety and accessibility. Unlike lighted ADA exit signs, for example, that draw power from your building's electrical grid or ADA exit signs that have a self-contained power source, ADA compliant luminous signs require no electricity, Many building codes and safety inspectors are calling more for ADA luminous signs and luminescent signage because they do not require electric or battery power and are reliable in a storm or fire or power outage.

Self-luminous ADA signs use a new technology to stay "lit" without the need for electric power--in fact, without using external power of any kind. ADA compliant luminescent signage used a non-toxic plastic that creates its own luminosity for years at a time--no replacements or repair necessary.

Choose Quality and Reliability for Your ADA Luminous Signs

Our stock and custom ADA luminous signs and custom luminescent Braille signs will pass ADA inspections and help make your school, hotel, restaurant, store, or business safe and accessible for everyone. When you need to buy ADA luminous signs, choose quality you can trust form a company with years of experience. Our made-in-America stock and custom ADA compliant luminous signs have never failed an inspection. After you and your access specialist or CASp, building inspector, or ADA compliance consultant determine the ADA signs needed for your project, you can purchase those signs on at or by calling our toll-free number: 1-888-931-1793.