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School Crossing Guard Kit - Includes (1) STOP Paddle Sign, (1) STOP/SLOW Paddle Sign, (2) Vests, and (3) Safety Cones

School Crossing Guard Kit - Includes (1) STOP Paddle Sign, (1) STOP/SLOW Paddle Sign, (2) Vests, and (3) Safety Cones

School Crossing Guard Kit - (1) STOP and (1) STOP/Slow Sign, (2) Reflective Vests, (3) Reflective Safety Cones

SKU: SPC-1041
Price: $152.75

Product Information

School Crossing Guard Kit - 

Includes (1) STOP Paddle Sign, 

(1) STOP/SLOW Paddle Sign, 

(2) Vests, and (3) Safety Cones

Kit Includes (1) Two-Sided STOP Paddle Sign and (1) Two-Sided STOP/Slow Paddle sign, both in 18x18 size, plus (2) Reflective Safety Vests and (3) Reflective 18-Inch Tall Traffic Safety Cones

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This discounted package of reflective two-sided paddle signs, safety vests, and safety cones is everything your school's crossing guards need. Order yours today! 

Reflective Paddle Signs:
  • Both Paddles are constructed of light-weight, rust-free, rugged aluminum
  • Each sign weighs only 1.8 pounds
  • Paddle Signs have 6 inch high letters
  • Two-sided STOP Sign Paddles made with 3M Engineer Grade Prismatic reflective sheeting
    and 3M inks
  • Two-sided STOP/SLOW Sign Paddles are made with 3M High Intensity Prismatic and Diamond Grade reflective sheetings and 3M inks
  • Both Paddle Signs have faces that are rated by 3M for 7-12 years no-fade service
  • Rugged sign and durable double-bolted 10-inch wood handle

Reflective Safety Cones:

Rugged yet lightweight (3 pounds) 100% PVC Traffic Safety Cones. Ideal for indoor or outdoor uses. The right cone to warn people of spills or wet floors in public spaces, or to block off parking lot areas. Keep these 18-inch high traffic safety cones handy in your car, at home, in your offices, and in emergency supply kits.

  • Molded “One piece construction”
  • High-Intensity Prismatic reflective collar
  • Superior in durability and quality compared to flow molded cones
  • 100% Brilliant fluorescent orange is ultraviolet stabilized for long lasting high visibility
  • Extreme durability & superior flexibility under adverse weather conditions
  • Unique base design provides superior traction on road and other surfaces
  • Environmentally friendly – 100% recyclable!
  • All cones meets NCHRP-350 & MUTCD requirements
  • Reflective Safety Vests:

  • Bright Florescent Orange
  • Bright Reflective Vertical Stripes
  • Durable, Lightweight, Cool and Breathable Mesh Fabric
  • Reflective Yellow Side Straps
  • Secure Double Velcro Fasteners
  • One Size Fits All
  • We Make Hand-Held STOP Signs, Parking Signs and More: ADA Compliant Access Signs, No Parking Signs, Handicap Parking Signs, No Trespassing Signs and Video Security Signs, Custom Signs, Bilingual Signs, Do Not Enter Signs, Speed Limit Signs, No Smoking Signs, Entrance and Exit Signs. Don't see the Signs that you need? Call us and we'll make them for you! 1-888-931-1793

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