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Posts & Hardware

Posts & Hardware

A riddle: What are as strong as steel but filled with holes -- green and in the ground, but not a plant? Answer: Sign posts. While good sign posts or sign stands are practically invisible to most people, a cheap, rusted, or bent sign post is an immediate eyesore for customers and visitors to your business or property. Why put a beautiful new sign that will last more than a decade on a battered and corroded post? And why not protect that new sign with a small investment in anti-theft sign hardware?

Steel U-Channel Sign Posts

While round posts can typically be purchased from a large hardware store, such as a Home Depot or Lowes, U-channel sign posts are the strongest and longest lasting. U-channel posts are versatile, and can be play many roles, from street sign posts to parking sign posts. While both green u-channel sign posts and galvanized u-channel sign posts provide rust-resistance, the galvanized process produces a stronger rust-resistance. If you will be mounting your signs on sign posts near the ocean, or in a winter environment where salt is used when plowing roads, the galvanized u-channel sign post would be the better choice. Our steel u-channel signposts come in two weights. Medium gauge signposts weigh 1.2 pounds per linear foot and are an excellent choice for non-snow environments. Heavy-gauge posts weigh 2 pounds per linear foot and offer extra-strength for environments with heavy snow or high winds. Whether you choose the medium or heavy gauge u-channel signpost, you will be getting a 100% steel post built for many years of rust-free service, with one end tapered to allow for easier driving into the ground, and with a standardized one-inch center-to-center hole pattern that matches the hole pattern in our MUTCD-compliant signs. A u-channel sign post can be mounted in a footing of concrete, or it can be driven directly into the ground, with a foot to a foot-and-a-half of the post below ground, depending on soil conditions.

Portable Sign Stands and A-Frame Sign Holders

A moveable sign stand offers many advantages for schools, businesses, special events, and retail store sales. Our cast-iron sign stands can hold one sign, or two signs mounted back-to-back. The 20-pound movable sign post offers stability in low-wind environments. And the 40-pound portable sign post system has added weight for higher-wind conditions. Yet both can be easily moved and positioned as needed. Both systems also come with pre-drilled mounting holes in the sign bases, which gives you the option to affix the sign stand permanently in your parking lot, if desired. A-frame sign holders also allow for displaying signs in one or two directions. A-frame sign holders can carry larger signs, up to 24x36 in size. These a-frame sign holders are rugged heavy-gauge plastic that can be filled with water or sand for added weight and stability. Easy to position indoors or outdoors, in parking lots or on sidewalks, a portable sign holder can be a valuable means for advertising, for guiding customers and visitors to your business or property, and for controlling your parking areas.

Go Green with Recycled Rubber Sign Bases and Posts

Our 70-pound sign bases made from recycled tires can be the right movable sign system for larger shopping center parking lots and garages, warehouses and outdoor events, whether at a school or car dealership. With pvc sign posts of 4-foot, 5-foot or 6-foot lengths, you can put your message where your audience is. And the hefty 70-pound weight of the recycled rubber base eliminates concerns about casual theft or misuse of the sign stand, once in position.

Anti-Vandal Sign Hardware: A Small Investment with Big Returns

Simple to install without any special tools, our Anti-Vandal Sign Hardware helps protect your investment in Parking Signs, Neighborhood Watch Signs, Security Signs, Video Surveillance Signs and Private Property No Trespassing Signs that are mounted on U-Channel sign posts. At only $4.95 for a pair (signs have two holes) our ant-vandal sign mounting hardware can prevent the loss of signs, and eliminate the costs of re-mounting signs. The only time we recommend using regular hardware instead of anti-theft hardware is when you may need to reposition or re-mount your signs. (Once affixed properly, the anti-vandal hardware can only be removed by cutting the bolt.)

Hardworking Signs Deserve High Quality U-Channel Sign Posts and Sign Hardware

When you purchase signs manufactured by you are getting the best quality signs, constructed of heavy-gauge rust-free aluminum and made to last, providing many years of non-fading outdoor-rated service. So why put such great signs on cheap, corroded, or bent highway sign posts? All the sign posts we carry, both green u-channel sign posts and galvanized u-channel sign posts, as well as the cast-iron portable sign stands, rugged plastic a-frame sign stands, and heavy-duty moveable recycled rubber sign bases we sell, are of the highest quality materials and construction. And with our anti-vandal sign hardware, your signs will be there for their full and very long life span of no-fade outdoor service.

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