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Security Signs

Security STOP Signs

Employees Only Signs Prevent Against Uninvited Guests

Some types of buildings require a greater level of property protection than others, and if you manage a high value property that contains expensive goods, materials, and other merchandise inside, you need the level of security to match. More than keeping these materials safe, you also need to protect company employees as well by ensuring a safe work environment.

Security Stop Signs Signal Authority

An inexpensive yet effective way of protecting your property is strategically posting security stop signs, in the recognized shape of a street stop sign, on your building’s property. Such employees only signs let visitors or possible trespassers know where they are not welcome. The eight-sided shape of these stop security signs, as well as the red border, subconsciously sends the “stop” message to people walking by. That is, we are all so familiar with heeding a stop sign that most of us will do it automatically, even if the security stop signs are not an “official” stop sign. We have many different styles of custom stop signs for sale.

If you manage a construction or manufacturing site with potentially dangerous equipment, such employees only stop signs can prevent people from wandering where they shouldn’t be. If such a work zone requires employees to obtain special clearance to work there, such signs are extremely valuable and important. In addition to keeping workers and visitors where they should be, such signs may also help protect your business from lawsuits. If a visitor walks into a construction zone without proper protective gear and gets hurt, employees only signs show that your business warned passersby that they shouldn’t be there.

Private Property Stop Signs Discourage Crime & Trespassing

Here at we sell private property stop signs for personal use, including popular sellers such as “Stop, Private Property, No Trespassing, Violators Prosecuted,” “Home Protected by Video Security,” and “Warning: Security Cameras in Use.” These stop security signs can be customized to create a unique or humorous message as well. Either way, thieves, vandals and trespassers are less likely to damage or rob a property with security stop signs particularly those stating video surveillance in use.

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