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Property Mgmt Signs

Auto Repair and SMOG Signs

Purchase California’s “Official” Smog Check Signs and Auto Repair Banners

The state of California offers unmatched scenic beauty from its gorgeous coastline to its hilly canyons and dense forestry. Its beauty attracts so many visitors and residents, however, that the downside of its popularity is heavy traffic and smog to match. Los Angeles and the surrounding valley regions have the worst smog and air pollution in the nation, a dubious honor the state and concerned citizens are trying to eradicate with programs like Smog Check. Reminding residents with auto repair signs & smog check signs is a great way to keep that ball rolling!

Auto Service Banners for Every Smog Check Service

To help reduce automotive smog pollution, the state requires that drivers have their cars checked for emissions every other year at certified smog check stations. Such stations are required by law to post official automotive banners and licensed smog check signs to show their legitimacy. In efforts to encourage motorists to meet emissions standards that are even higher, the state has created the STAR Program. As such, repair shops can perform smog checks to pass standard emissions testing and STAR program smog checks to check higher standards emissions testing. Auto repair banners must clearly state which type of smog checks they perform.

Order the STAR Program Automotive Banner as an Add-on to Existing Signage offers both the official smog check sign with the STAR Program logo as well as just the STAR Program sign that can be added to existing smog check signs. You can also purchase official auto service banners that notify consumers of whether you are test-only, test and repair, part of the STAR Program and more. Similarly, you can purchase an auto repair banner with the STAR Program logo to add on to your existing signage.

In addition to smog check signs, we also carry other automotive banners and signs such as the official Bureau of Automotive Repair (B.A.R.) signs, Notice to Consumer compliance signs, and pricing rates signs. Such signs may be offered at a discount rate if purchased together.

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