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ADA Signs

ADA Room Name Signs

Touch and Be Found with ADA Room Signs

When people think of posted ADA signage, they may think of the handicap parking signs typically posted outside their favorite store, restaurant or place of business. Though the symbol of the stick figure in the wheelchair near a designated handicap parking space is most familiar, other ADA room name signs, room number signs and braille room signs are required for a building’s interior.

Did you know that buildings that are open to the general public are required to post ADA compliant room signs for all permanent rooms? These unchanging rooms include restrooms, office rooms, conference rooms, stairwells, hallways, elevators, laboratories, and even closets. Such ADA braille room signs enable the blind and visually impaired navigate through a large and unfamiliar building.

Choose ADA Compliant Room Signs

While braille room signs are now required by law to assist the visually impaired, most everyone can find the easy-to-read signs helpful and useful. In other words, since you have to post a sign on just about every room in your building anyhow, you might as well post ADA room signs that are helpful to everyone including the visually impaired.

Particularly for stairwells, exit and entrance ways, elevators, and emergency exits, such ADA braille room name signs are essential for the safety and security of everyone particularly those with limited vision. Such braille room name signs can ensure a person can properly exit the building in an emergency, even if no one else is around.

They also make sure a person can exit and enter a building with ease instead of searching around to find such spots. As with standard ADA braille room signs, these signs are beneficial to everyone including those who have no trouble seeing. It is important to note that braille room signs now comply with the latest ADA rulings using round rather than flat dots. These signs have proven to be significantly easier for a blind person to decipher.

Sophisticated ADA Room Signs for a Bit More

If you are looking for more stylish, sophisticated ADA braille room name signs, offers brushed aluminum signs mounted on wood laminate. Such signs have a changeable name slot or can also come without them. They are made to add a more decorative element to your buildings’ interiors while complying with ADA rulings. Such ADA compliant room signs do cost a little more because of their design and high quality materials. Most can be made and shipped to you within 5-7 days.

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