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ADA Signs

ADA Room Name Signs

Braille Room Signs are an important part of making your school, office or store compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act that prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability in employment, public accommodations, commercial facilities, transportation, and telecommunications. Braille Room Signs not only make access and mobility easier for the sight-impaired, they make sense for everyone else, too. ADA Room Signs help everyone to efficiently and safely navigate even the largest schools, offices and retail stores. While some ADA Compliant Room Signs are general enough to be kept in stock, most Braille Room Name Signs are made-to-order.

Custom ADA Braille Room Name Signs in Just 5-7 Days

Maybe you need dozens of unique ADA Braille Room Signs for a new school, hotel, or office. Or maybe you just need one or two ADA Compliant Room Signs to match your existing ADA Room Signs. And sometimes, all you need to get final approval from your building inspector and be open for business is one Braille Room Name Sign that reads: Employees Only. Where can you go for one Braille Room Sign or for 400 unique ADA Room Signs? You've probably already figured out our answer to that question! Buy your ADA Room Signs at or by calling us toll-free: 1-888-931-1793

ADA Compliant Room Signs for Offices, Stores, Hotels and Apartment Buildings

There are all kinds of architectural signage and building signs. Perhaps the most used signs are Room Name Signs. Without room name signs, we would have to open every door in order to know what was behind it. ADA Room Signs not only carry text to let us know what function a room serves, the text on an ADA compliant room sign is tactile, or raised, and its message is repeated in the Braille built into the sign below the text. This allows blind or vision impaired people to "read" the sign. As you can imagine, every room in a building, hotel or store has its own function. So every ADA Braille Room Signs is in fact a custom sign. Not many sign shops have the knowledge and experience, not to mention the materials and tools, to make ADA Compliant Room Signs. Because we make ADA Room Signs every single day, and have been making them for years, we can help you. Whether you need five Braille Room Signs for your motel, or three hundred Braille Room Name Signs for your new hotel, we can handle the project, shipping in a few days, instead of several weeks.

ADA Braille Room Name Signs for Schools

We make a lot of ADA and Title 24 compliant signs for schools throughout the United States, and especially for schools here in our home state of California. The ADA Braille Room Signs we make for schools identify every type of room, from a classroom to the nurses office, from the Cafeteria to the Custodian's Closet. We know that ADA Room Signs for schools need to be tough. That's why ADA room signs we make for schools can be ordered with counter-sunk holes and vandal-resistant hardware. We also make sub-surface painted ADA guide signs, which is a type of non-Braille guide sign that has the text and images under the surface of the sign. This helps prevent damage from tampering. We accept school purchase orders too, which makes ordering your school's ADA Room Signs from us even easier. And whether you need standard color ADA Room Signs for your school or custom color Braille room signs to match the other room name signs in your school, we have the experience and materials to handle the project.

Other Important ADA Compliant Signs

Many schools and businesses need a source for their ADA compliant Braille Exit signs and Entrance signs, as well as for their ADA Room Signs. We manufacture a full line of ADA compliant signage, including the Accessibility symbol or ISA. Our static cling Access Symbol Window Decals can be removed and replaced, allowing windows to be cleaned as needed. Some ADA Room Signs are more common than you may think. For example, many retail clothing stores have been the targets of ADA compliance lawsuits. That's why we developed our ADA Compliant Fitting Room Braille sign and keep it in stock for fast shipping. We also offer several other made-to-order ADA Compliant Room Braille signs that ship in just 5-7 days.

Trusted Quality in ADA Room Signs

Tactile Exit Signs, Braille Room Signs, and ADA restroom signs and ADA Room Signs all play important roles in making your school, property, or business accessible for all people. When purchasing your ADA compliant signs, choose quality you can trust. Our made-in-America stock and custom ADA Braille signs have never failed an inspection. After deciding with your access specialist, building inspector or ADA consultant which signs you need to make your property fully ADA compliant, you can purchase those sign on our website or by calling our toll-free number: 1-888-931-1793.

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