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Security Signs

Neighborhood Watch Signs

These days, neighborhoods are under a lot of pressure. So it makes sense that the safest places to live are those neighborhoods, towns, streets, apartments and HOAs where neighbors know and look out for each other, and have regular communication with local law enforcement. While the police or sheriff is a phone call and maybe miles away--your neighbors are right across the street and on every side of you. Studies show one of the best things neighbors can do to improve the quality of life where they live is to start and continue an active Neighborhood Watch Program and display neighborhood crime watch signs.

Why Create a Neighborhood Crime Watch?

Protect the Community
Police departments and local law enforcement agencies are often ready, willing and able to partner with new and established Neighborhood Watch Associations. Law enforcement agencies often have an officer dedicated to advising and supervising such groups, and sometimes they even have a budget or grant they can use to help purchase neighborhood watch signs and crime watch window decals. No one knows a neighborhood better and has more interest in keeping it safe and secure than the people who live there. At we have heard from many our our customers who have purchased our Neighborhood Watch Signs that the simple action of introducing themselves to their neighbors to discuss forming a neighborhood watch group, and establishing personal communication with local law enforcement, has had an immediate impact. Good security signage is important. But the success of a Neighborhood Watch group is more about the attitude and mind set of the people running it, than it is about the signs displayed.

Protect Individual Homes
Homeowners have often invested their heart and soul into their property and possessions. Not to mention the personal and emotional investments we make in the places we and our families live. Forming a Neighborhood Crime Watch Association and being active in it not only protects the entire community, it is also like having an individual protective shield around each individual home. Sure, dialing 911 will get a police response, but often it is our neighbors who come to our assistance long before the police arrive. Active Neighborhood Watch Programs using well-made and professional crime prevention signs make neighborhoods better, and make better neighbors.

Protect People, Especially Children
When you come right down to it, a Neighborhood Watch Program is about protecting more than property. It's about protecting people. And it is children who are most vulnerable and least able to defend themselves against the dangers that can intrude on the safety of a street or neighborhood. Looking out for our neighbors is the right thing to do. Keeping an eye out for the well-being of our own kids and our neighbor's kids comes naturally. If we see drivers speeding on our streets or suspicious characters loitering near an empty house or school, having the phone number the local law enforcement and knowing we have the support of our Neighborhood Watch Program is invaluable.

Stock and Custom Neighborhood Crime Prevention Signs

When many residents in an area display the same high-quality design of Neighborhood Watch Signs and door decals, it sends a clear and forceful message that the people living in the neighborhood are paying attention and ready phone local law enforcement when they see any suspicious people or activities. There is strength in numbers. From traditional Crime Watch signs to Video Security signs for individual homes, we offer a wide selection of security signage to choose from. And when you get a group of neighbors together to share the costs, you can get neighborhood watch signs at quantity discounts. Or even have Custom Neighborhood Watch Signs and Custom Crime Watch Decals made to match your unique community--for the same price as generic security signs.

We even make Bilingual Neighborhood Watch Signs, as many areas of the country have substantial Spanish speaking populations. Plus, our security signs are reflective really stand out at night and the heavy-gauge hard aluminum we use for our Crime Watch Signs makes sure they will be on the job for many years. Adding 3M's protective overlay anti-graffiti film will keep you signs looking brand new for decades--and act as a barrier to graffiti vandalism. Don't allow faded or graffiti covered Neighborhood Watch signs to send the wrong message. Durable, well-made reflective Neighborhood Watch signs are working for you, your family, and your neighbors 24/7 every day and night of the year.

Easy to Mount Signs

Displaying our Neighborhood Watch signs couldn't be any easier. While we make larger signs for mounting above 7 feet, to minimize tampering and vandalism, we also make smaller signs for displaying near eye-level. All of our signs are made with the same high-quality materials and manufacturing process and are rated for many years of outdoor use in all seasons and weather conditions. Our Crime Watch Program signs come with pre-drilled holes that make installation simple. Keep in mind that the anti-vandal hardware we can provide is inexpensive and a good investment for protecting your signs.

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