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Neighborhood Watch Signs

Display Neighborhood Crime Watch Signs to Keep Your Neighborhood Safe From Harm

Today, neighborhoods feel obligated to provide safe living conditions for their residents. When searching for a place to buy a house, you should seek those neighborhoods, streets, towns, HOAs and apartments where the residents care and watch out for one another, and communicate with local police regularly when there is a need. Even though police officers will come with one phone call, they might take about 30 minutes to an hour to arrive in the neighborhood, whereas, your neighbors are just feet away from you in one direction or another. Research proves that the most efficient way for residents to protect their neighborhood is to have an effective neighborhood watch program and to post neighborhood crime watch signs throughout the neighborhood.

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The Reasons to Form a Neighborhood Watch Program

Safeguard the Community
Police departments work in conjunction with neighborhood watch associations throughout this county. They understand that when the neighborhoods are safer so are the communities where they are located. Typically, the police departments will assign an officer to advise and assist these associations, and may also provide financial assistance to help the neighborhood to buy neighborhood crime watch signs. The residents of the neighborhood have the best understanding of how to keep it secure and safe for all who live there.

Provide Protection for Each House
Homeowners have a great deal of money, time, effort and emotion invested in their houses and belongings. Creating a neighborhood watch program is the best way to protect not only the community, but also each house within the neighborhood. Although calling 911 will receive an emergency response by the police, the neighbors will respond quickly to provide assistance to other residents before the police can arrive to offer aid. When the residents post neighborhood crime watch signs and participate in their neighborhood watch programs, they create a safer neighborhood in which to live and make the residents caring neighbors.

Ensure the Safety of Adults and Children
Basically, a neighborhood watch program is to ensure the safety of the people in the neighborhood, especially the children. After all, the children are at the highest risk of harm from intruders and other dangers that may lurk in a neighborhood or residential street. Watching out for our neighbors is the responsible thing to do to safeguard the people in our neighborhoods, and this includes the kids. If we observe shady-looking people loitering by one of the houses and near the school, or drivers zooming down our streets, having the support of the neighborhood watch program and the phone number of the local police handy is effective to prevent further problems.

Residents Can Buy Stock or Custom Neighborhood Crime Watch Signs

The residents when they band together to post high-quality door decals and neighborhood crime watch signs to send a powerful, clear message that they will be watching all that happens and be ready to call the police when necessary if they notice suspicious individuals or activities. We provide various stock security signs for people to select from, and the signs range from video surveillance signs to neighborhood crime watch signs. When the neighbors combine forces to order their signs from us, they even can save money with our bulk discounts. Residents can also custom order their neighborhood watch signs or decals to depict the name of their neighborhood along with their unique messages for the same cost as our stock signs. For those in Spanish-speaking areas, we even provide bilingual neighborhood crime watch signs. All of our security signage is highly reflective to ensure that it is visible both day and night. We construct our neighborhood watch crime signs from hard, heavy-duty aluminum, reflective sheeting and fade-resistant inks to ensure that residents will receive years of use from the signs. Upon special request, we will add a protective overlay film by 3M on each sign to protect from vandalism, graffiti and other damage. Faded and damaged neighborhood crime watch signs will send the message that no one cares about the neighborhood. Residents should replace this type of signage with quality, durable, reflective neighborhood crime watch signs so they will work for the neighborhood 24/7 during both day and night all throughout the year.

Neighborhood Watch Warning Sign - 12x18
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