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Reflectors & Object Markers sells a range of add-on products for your existing signs as well as related products such as reflective safety vests and traffic safety cones to nicely complement your traffic or roadway sign. Read More

Find All Your Safety Gear Including the Orange Safety Cones

Safety reflectors and related products are a great way to increase sign visibility to your drivers. After all, what good are traffic signs if drivers aren’t able to see them well due to the darkness of night, early morning fog, or heavy sleet or snow? These types of object markers alert motorists to a range of potential hazards, such as a railroad crossing, guardrail, bridge rail, concrete barrier and more.

Order Familiar Safety Reflectors to Boost Visibility

Commonly seen Chevron Alignment signs, with right or left arrows, are a type of object marker that shows upcoming changes in the highway so drivers can become aware of turns or curves in the road. Another example is the “type 3 MUTCD” signs that provide a general warning alerting drivers to use caution when proceeding. These vertical rectangular signs, with black and yellow alternating diagonal lines going down them at a 45-degree angle, have a proven track record of catching motorists’ attention.

Traffic Safety Cones Provide Extra Caution

In addition to safety reflectors and signs, sells safety cones that are suitable for a wide range of purposes. They signal to drivers to slow down and be alert to roadway dangers. Anything from a car accident to an obstruction in the road, orange safety cones guide drivers away from the danger and direct them toward the best path for safety. Available in three different styles and sizes, safety cones, when paired with reflective safety vests and safety reflectors, make a commanding presence. Reflective safety vests include their own bright reflective vertical stripes and are ideal for school crossing guards, road construction workers, and safety officers responsible for directing event or emergency traffic.