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Road & Traffic Signs

Road & Traffic Signs

Traffic signs, road signs, or highway signs are signs positioned along road ways to provide information and direction to drivers with the goal of increasing safety for all users..In the United States, highway code road signs conform to the design and construction specifications in the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).The MUTCD has many categories of signs, including Regulatory Signs, Warning Signs, School Signs, and Temporary Traffic Control Signs.

MUTCD Signs: Categories of Road Signs and Traffic Signs

The MUTCD contains regulations for several classifications or categories of signs for road and traffic use. The most important types of these road traffic signs are described below. While signs mounted on private property may not have to conform to MUTCD sign regulations, the Federal Government strongly encourages following MUTCD specifications for all road signs. An added benefit in following government sign regulations is that it can limit a property owner's exposure to expensive litigation.

Regulatory Road Signs

Every driver is familiar with STOP Signs and Speed Limit Signs, the two most common MUTCD signs and highway code road signs. It is difficult to imagine the speed and volume of modern traffic without these essential signs. Safely navigating our busy roadways, cities and parking areas would be impossible without other MUTCD regulatory signs, such as Do Not Enter Signs, One Way Signs and Yield Signs.

Road and Traffic Warning Signs

As we drive we are passing through ever-changing terrain, merging with other traffic flows, and traveling in all kinds or weather and at all times of day and night. Reflective MUTCD highway signs are designed to alert drivers to road conditions and hazards, such as Dead End Signs and Deer Crossing Signs. Other highway signs give advance warning to drivers, such as Railroad Crossing Signs and various intersections signs, such as Traffic Signal Ahead Signs.

School Signs, Temporary Traffic Control Signs, and Object Markers

Regulatory road signs near schools alert drivers to slow down for children and to watch for Pedestrian Crosswalks. Many schools and individual families have taken to posting Slow Down and Children At Play Signs, in an effort to get drivers to obey posted speed limits and not endanger pedestrians, especially children, who do not always have the presence of mind to be alert to the dangers of vehicle traffic.

Road Signs, Traffic Signs, Highway Signs: Quality Materials and Construction

All of the road signs and traffic signs made by are constructed of heavy-gauge rust-free aluminum. We even go the extra mile and use extra-hard 5052-H38 aluminum for our signs. When it comes to retro-reflectivity, we use only high-quality 3M reflective sheeting. We offer a full spectrum of reflective levels, from Engineer Grade Prismatic, typically used in parking signs and security signs, to High Intensity Prismatic, the standard for STOP Signs and Speed Limit Signs and other highway signs, to Diamond Grade Prismatic, the brightest reflective sheeting, often found in School Zone Signs. All of the signs we manufacture can have 3M 1150 Protective Overlay Film added for even longer life, protecting the sign face from harsh weather and sunlight, and providing a defense against graffiti vandalism.

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