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School Property Signs

School Safety Signs Help Minimize Drop-off and Pick-up Commotion

Ask any parent and they are sure to tell you that the morning and late-afternoon drop-off and pick-up of their kids at school is a time of chaos and confusion. Cars, minivans and SUVs line up single-file, sometimes around the block, as one vehicle after another drops their child off in the respective drop zone.

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Without highly visible school traffic signs, motorists don’t know where to go or what to do. Confusion is added by parents who drop their kids off where they shouldn’t as well as by kids who walk in front of and between cars. Kids and parents who walk or bike to school instead of drive can distract drivers if they are walking or biking where they shouldn’t be.

School Crossing Signs Aid Drivers and Pedestrians of All Ages

School zone signs and school safety signs can help drivers better navigate the school parking lot improving safety for everyone involved, including students, staff, teachers, and parents. For parents and students who walk or bike to school, school traffic signs are a must ensuring that pedestrians have a safe place to cross the street and go when entering and exiting school grounds. To enhance safety, many schools employ crossing guards equipped with school crossing signs to aid in this process.

Better Manage the Flow and Movement of Vehicles with School Traffic Signs

As the majority of students today get to school by being dropped off by their parents or carpool, school traffic signs directing vehicles are a must. Most schools today have designated drop-off and pick-up school zone signs so that students aren’t walking in front of and between cars trying to make their way to school. School signs and symbols help guests and school visitors who may be unfamiliar with the school environment to navigate their way through the parking lot as well.

Though fewer and fewer schools today rely on buses, those that still do must post school bus signs so that everyone knows the designated area where buses enter and drop off the students. Because it may be more challenging for bus drivers to see pedestrians, such school bus signs help students to be on the lookout for exiting and entering buses as well.

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