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Road & Traffic Signs

Do Not Enter Signs

Post DO NOT ENTER Signs to Restrict Access to an Area

When drivers notice the DO NOT ENTER signs on streets or roads, they understand that they should not drive into that area. Signs, such as these, play a critical role in keeping the roads and streets safe for the vehicle operators. You can post these signs for various reasons, such as to prevent a driver traversing going down the expressway's exit ramp, or traveling the wrong direction on a one-way street. We manufacture these signs, according to the MUTCD R5-1 specifications that local and federal authorities follow for street and road signs. Specifications by the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control standardize the materials, sizes, and other characteristics for signs on all public streets, lots and other areas. We not only offer the plain DO NOT ENTER signage on top of the WRONG WAY and STOP DO NOT ENTER versions just for some examples of signs that prohibit entrance into an area. All these signs help vehicle flow in the right direction, regardless if they are on an expressway, street, or in a parking area. At times, these signs are useful in large, industrial buildings to control the movement of people throughout them in a safe manner.

These signs come in a wide variety of styles to suit different types of needs. Certain ones state no left or right turn at an intersection, or mark a street as a one-way street. Others, though, restrict drivers' actions in other ways, such as stating that no u-turns are permitted at a certain intersection. You can also select DO NOT ENTER signage with the various symbols on them with diagonal lines through them, such as pedestrians or trucks on them without a text message. The MUTCD contains all specifications for any MUTCD R5-1 signs that need to meet federal and local rules and regulations for display on public roads. Let us not forget that DANGER DO NOT ENTER posts keep drivers and even pedestrians safe in construction and other hazardous areas. also manufactures non-regulation styles of these signs that are ideal for private property, HOAs and subdivisions, such as the ones that state, PRIVATE DRIVEWAY, PRIVATE ROAD NO TRESPASSING, or NO THRU TRAFFIC. Numerous business establishments will post signs that state, STOP EMPLOYEES ONLY BEYOND THIS POINT to signify that only employees are allowed into the area. Even kids enjoy posting the DO NOT ENTER signs on their bedroom doors to exert control over who enters their bedroom, though, parents typically ignore the signs!

When you purchase signs from our company, you receive ones that last for a minimum of 7 years without their images or print fading. You also can add a protective film to each sign that increases its life to up to 14 years without the fading. Do you have your own unique idea for a non-MUTCD R2-1 version of a DO NOT ENTER sign? Just explain it and we will deliver. Contact us today for quality signs to regulate the flow of traffic and for other purposes.

The simple and direct Do Not Enter Sign, along with similar STOP Do Not Enter signs and One Way Do Not Enter signs, and or a Danger Do Not Enter Sign is essential for controlling the flow of traffic, whether that traffic is on roads, in parking lots or parking garages, or even inside large warehouses and other industrial facilities.

In a broad sense, Do Not Enter signage includes One Way signs, No Left Turn or No Right Turn signs, and even No U-Turn signs. In addition there are specifically targeted types of Do Not Enter signs, such as a No Trucks Symbol sign or No Pedestrians Symbol sign. The Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices also includes design specifications for Wrong Way signs. Other regulated Do Not Enter signs include OSHA-style Danger Do Not Enter signs.

Non-regulated types of do not enter signs can be found in neighborhoods and HOAs, such as Private Road Do Not Enter Signs, and directional signs like No Thru Traffic or No Vehicles Beyond This Point. In businesses from auto repair shops to zoos, there are more specific do not enter signs, such as Employees Only Beyond This Point signs. When you come right down to it, whether a Do Not Enter sign is posted on a teenager's door or at an intersection with a one-way street, the message is simple and direct.

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