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Road & Traffic Signs

Do Not Enter Signs

Pop Quiz: What's the typical teenager's favorite road sign?
Answer: The Do Not Enter Sign. (Just look on their bedroom door.)

Do Not Enter Signs are an important part of keeping roads safe. Sometimes the only thing between a driver making a potentially disastrous mistake, such as entering a roadway traveling in the wrong direction, or going up a freeway exit ramp, or turning down one-way streets, is a properly made and posted Do Not Enter Sign. The Do Not Enter Signs we make at STOP Signs And More are street-legal because we use high-quality aluminum, reflective sheeting, outdoor-rated inks, Federal Highway Administration fonts, and manufacture our signs to meet all specifications in the government's Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (M.U.T.C.D.)

The simple and direct Do Not Enter Sign, along with similar STOP Do Not Enter signs and One Way Do Not Enter signs, and or a Danger Do Not Enter Sign is essential for controlling the flow of traffic, whether that traffic is on roads, in parking lots or parking garages, or even inside large warehouses and other industrial facilities.

In a broad sense, Do Not Enter signage includes One Way signs, No Left Turn or No Right Turn signs, and even No U-Turn signs. In addition there are specifically targeted types of Do Not Enter signs, such as a No Trucks Symbol sign or No Pedestrians Symbol sign. The Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices also includes design specifications for Wrong Way signs. Other regulated Do Not Enter signs include OSHA-style Danger Do Not Enter signs.

Non-regulated types of do not enter signs can be found in neighborhoods and HOAs, such as Private Road Do Not Enter Signs, and directional signs like No Thru Traffic or No Vehicles Beyond This Point. In businesses from auto repair shops to zoos, there are more specific do not enter signs, such as Employees Only Beyond This Point signs. When you come right down to it, whether a Do Not Enter sign is posted on a teenager's door or at an intersection with a one-way street, the message is simple and direct.

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