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Parking Signs

Handicap Parking - California

California Handicap Parking Regulations Differ From Those in Other States

Most property owners in this country agree with the regulations set forth in the Americans With Disability Act or ADA of 1990, as the regulations provide fair, safe and identifiable entrances and exits from buildings and the rooms inside of the structures, and their parking lots to people who suffer with some type of disability. Not all properties comply with these rules in the proper manner as of this date, though, and nowhere is this fact more evident than in California. In this state, a citizen has the right to sue the public establishments that do not provide the right signage for California Handicap Parking along with other ADA signs.

2008 Changes in California Specifications for R99C and R100B Signs

California redid its specifications for its R99C signs that reserve disabled parking spaces and the R100B ones that specify the handicap tow-away zones, which the state requires all parking lots to display. The alterations in these CA Handicap Parking signs may not seem that important, but when you factor in the fact that one violation of these specifications will earn you a $4000.00 fine, you then understand the importance of displaying the correct state Handicap Parking signs to bring your property into compliance with present California ADA regulations.

How to Select the Right California Handicap Parking Signage

Selecting the right CA Handicap Parking signage for your property to comply with the ADA laws in California can be a bit overwhelming at times. One example of these signs is the California R99C parking space sign that shows the pictogram of a wheelchair with a person along with PARKING ONLY MINIMUM FINE $250. The pictogram is the International Symbol of Accessibility or ISA. Individuals will need an official, handicapped license plate or placard to use the spaces that exhibit this style of sign. To understand the regulations fully for the California state Handicap Parking spaces and signs, please read CVC 22511.7, CVC2251.8 and CVC2251.9 all of which clearly define all necessary markings and signage that California requires for disabled parking spaces in existence or remodeled since 2008.

In addition to the R99C sign, you may need to install the R7-8B, VAN ACCESSIBLE signs at all applicable handicap parking spaces, as they point out which ones are ideal for vans with wheelchair lifts. Another necessary sign for your parking lot is the California R100B sign, which broadcasts the message that when ineligible drivers park in disabled parking spaces, you will tow away their vehicles along with the information on how and where to reclaim said vehicles. As a property owner, protect yourself from expensive lawsuits by displaying the correct Handicap Parking signage to comply with the ADA laws of California.

We Manufacture Only Quality, California Handicap Parking Signage to Comply With the State's ADA Regulations

We construct all of our California Handicap Parking signs right here in California, so we understand the special regulations that California requires all signs to follow for ADA compliance in the state. Another benefit with purchasing your signs from us is the fact that we start with heavy-gauge, rust-resistant aluminum as a base for our Handicap Parking signs, and we add 3M reflective sheeting and fade-proof inks from 3M to this base. All of these materials create signs that will last for a minimum of 7 years without fading. You can double this lifespan just with the addition of a protective overlay film from 3M, which provides in-depth protection against vandalism and weathering.

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