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Parking Signs

Handicap Parking - California

Just about everyone agrees with the fundamental goal of the Americans With Disabilities Act, to prohibit discrimination based on disability. Using California Handicapped Parking Signs to reserve some parking spaces for the exclusive use of the disabled, offering ramp access as well as stairs to stores, schools, and other public places, and making restrooms accessible to people with disabilities. The ADA was passed in 1990, over 20 years ago. Yet many properties and businesses, both small and large, are still not in compliance with ADA laws. In California, a citizen not only can bring a lawsuit for access to a business or public place covered under the ADA, but can also sue for monetary damages.

Recent California Disabled Parking Sign Changes

In July 2008, the State of California redesign redesigned its standard disabled parking sign, the R99C, which is used to reserve each parking space for persons with disabilities. It also substantially changed the official California disabled parking tow-away sign, the R100B, which is required at all entrances to parking lots and parking garages.

It may not seem like a big change. But when you consider that a single violation in using a CA handicap parking sign that does not meet regulations can result in a $4,000.00 fine, it may be time to consider bringing your parking lot into compliance with current laws.

The Correct California ADA Parking Signs

Choosing California handicap parking signs that are fully compliant with the law can seem overwhelming at first. Given that the many lawsuits triggered by incorrect California handicapped parking signs being used, it is important to know which signs will protect you from lawsuits while making your property conform to required access laws for persons with disabilities.

The R99C Accessible Parking Only Minimum Fine $250 sign shall be used in on-street and off-street parking facilities to designate stalls for vehicles with a special identification license plate or a distinguishing placard for persons with disabilities. The R99(CA) sign in combination with the R99B(CA) plaque; or, R99C(CA) sign, blue pavement markings and International Symbol of Accessibility Marking, are required for enforcement of these parking areas. Refer to CVC 22511.7 and 22511.8.

The R99B Minimum Fine $250 sign. This 12x9 supplemental sign can be combined with existing R-99 12x18 signs to meet the new requirements adopted in July 2008 for California disabled parking signs.

The R100B California Disabled Parking Tow-Away sign is one of the most important CA handicap parking signs and is used to inform motorists that their vehicle may be towed away if they park in in a reserved for handicapped parking space but do not have a special identification license plate or a distinguishing placard for persons with disabilities. This sign hall be placed immediately adjacent to, and visible from, the stall or space, or at each entrance to an off street parking facility to inform motorists that their vehicle will be towed away if they park in designated stalls or spaces without a special identification license plate or a distinguishing placard for persons with disabilities. The sign shall include the address where the towed vehicle can be reclaimed and the telephone number of the local traffic law enforcement agency. Refer to CVC 22511.8 and 22511.9.

Many ADA lawsuits have been triggered when advocates for the disabled notice that an outdated or incorrect version of this sign is in use on a property. Not displaying the legal R100 B sign may indicate that the property owner, manager and tenants are not meeting ADA access requirements. Click this link to view the State of California - Department of Transportation specifications for the R100B California Tow-Away Sign

The Van Accessible handicapped parking sign is used with the above signs for parking stalls that have the required dimensions to accommodate a van and wheelchair use, with the parking stall having been properly stripped (painted), including the symbol of accessibility.

Please note that In order to fully comply with CA handicapped parking sign laws, this California disabled parking tow-away sign must include the address and a phone number for where towed vehicles may be reclaimed. can add your tow-away information to this sign. After ordering the R100B signs you need, you can have us add the tow-away info to your R-100B signs. Or call our toll-free order line: 1-888-931-1793

Quality California Handicap Parking Signs You Can Rely On

All of our CA handicap parking signs and California disabled parking signs, are made right here in California, in our third generation family-owned sign factory. Every CA handicap parking sign we make is constructed with rust-free, heavy-gauge durable aluminum. Sign faces are made using 3M Engineer Grade Reflective Prismatic sheeting and 3M outdoor-rated transparent inks. In fact, our reflective California handicapped parking signs are rated by 3M for at least 7 years before showing any fading.

And you can DOUBLE the working life of your California handicap parking sign by having us add 3M Protective Overlay Film (POF)! 3M's high-tech POF laminate protects sign faces against fading caused by the sun and harsh weather—and also makes graffiti damage easy to clear away without harsh abrasives, eliminating the cost and time spent in replacing graffiti-damaged signs..

Installation of all our CA handicapped parking signs is easy because each sign comes with pre-drilled holes at the top and bottom. What's easier than that?

Whether you are a store, school, landlord, property manager, or business owner looking to bring your property or business into compliance with the correct California ADA parking signs, you can find what you need at And if you don't see what you need, we make custom sign, too! Call us toll-free, 1-888-931-1793

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