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Road & Traffic Signs

Hand-Held STOP Signs

Roadway safety is everyone’s primary concern and no place is this truer than outside a school building or recreation area. It goes without saying that children are precious to us, but often in their never-ending quest for fun, activity, and excitement, they too frequently fail to pay attention to potentially hazards such as roads and cars.

Crossing Guard Signs Made of Long-lasting, Reflective Materials

Today most urban and suburban school districts use crossing guards to help students cross the street safely before and after school. Yet to be effective these workers must be equipped with the best gear such as bright orange safety vests and crossing guard signs or handheld stop signs. Designed to catch the attention of young students, hand held stop signs let these young people know that the crossing guard is a person of authority and that they must follow their directive, to stop when this guard holds up the hand held stop sign and go when he or she hold up the “Go” sign. Moreover, each hand held stop sign can be customized to say stop on one side and go or slow on the other for easy, confusion-free maneuvering. sells official MUTCD-compliant signs so there can be no disputing their authority and conviction. Made of reflective aluminum metal that won’t rust when exposed to the elements of rain, hail or snow, these paddle stop signs command respect and compliance. They are comprised of heavy-duty yet lightweight reflective materials so students, children and others will see them. The quality of the materials helps the sign’s overall visible familiarity & longevity, which ensures the safety of the students but also the safety of the crossing guard sign holder, who must also catch the attention of busy drivers on the road.

Handheld Stop Signs for Police Officers & Construction Workers

These hand held stop signs can also be used for construction workers to slow and stop traffic and also by police officers who are often called to control traffic during power outages, times of emergencies, or special events. In addition to handheld stop signs, slow signs, and go signs, you can customize your sign to meet the needs of your business or organization.

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