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ADA Signs

ADA Entrance-Exit Braille Signs

Providing ADA compliant Braille Entrance Exit Signs are the responsibility of all commercial businesses. In fact, the Americans with Disabilities Act makes it a federal law to display not only ADA Tactile Braille Exit Signs, but also, the International Symbol of Accessibility (ISA) in a storefront window.

Large Variety to Choose From

We offer a large selection of high quality, durable Braille Exit and Entrance Signs, exit ramp (up and down) Braille signs, Tactile Exit Signs and entrance signs with tactile and Braille to help those who are vision impaired. Additionally, we have several different types of ADA compliant International Symbol of Accessibility signs and decals.

Braille Exit and Entrance Signs
There is a large variety of ADA Exit and Entrance Signs with text and Braille available. ADA law specifies that these signs always be blue, matte finished acrylic with eased corners. Most are 6x8, but there are other sizes available. A 6x2 version is available with tactile text and Braille only, no image.

In addition, there is a 12x12 ADA and Title 24 delayed egress sign with tactile text and grade 2 Braille. Braille Exit signs and ADA Exit Signs range in size from 5x4 to 8x8. Plus, stairwell floor number signs with tactile text and grade 2 Braille are available in 12x12. These signs are also ADA compliant, designed specifically to adhere to sign mounting location and height requirements.

International Symbol of Accessibility (ISA)
The ISA symbol comes in the traditional 6x6 inch requirement, but can be purchased as a 4x4 sign for tables or a 6x8 sign with text and Braille. Window decals are also available in packages of 3. Decals can be placed on the inside of windows to let customers and visitors know that your business or property is ADA compliant and has wheelchair accessibility. As a bonus, they will never leave a sticky residue behind and can be removed at any time without a mess.

Trusted Quality

Tactile Exit Sign, Braille Exit Signs, and ADA Exit Signs help those who are vision impaired and are necessary for guiding the disabled. By displaying the International Symbol of Accessibility and using ADA Exit and Entrance signs, you are not only claiming that your business is responsible, but also, you are helping direct patrons to and from your business in a safe manner. Choose quality you can trust when purchasing your signs.

All of our ADA Exit signs comply with the regulations set out in the Americans with Disabilities Act and are of the best quality to ensure durability. Our signs are all made in America, are high-quality and professionally manufactured. Further, they all meet ADA Sign regulations and will pass official ADA building inspections.

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