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ADA Signs

ADA Entrance-Exit Braille Signs

Braille Exit Signs Help an Establishment Be in Compliance With ADA Regulations All types of public organizations and establishments must provide Braille exit signs or entrance exit signs according to federal law in conjunction with the Americans With Disabilities Act, or ADA. On top of this, they also need to add the ISA or the International Symbol of Accessibility in their handicap parking spaces, loading zones, entrances, or restrooms to signify that these areas are appropriately accessible for those with disabilities.

We Offer a Wide Assortment of Signs

We manufacture and deliver a wide assortment of Braille exit and entrance exit signage ranging from simple ramp exit ones, to tactile signs that allow visually-impaired people to locate the entrance of an establishment. Our company also provides all necessary ISA decals and signs that the ADA laws require you to display on your property. Check out the information below to learn additional facts about these signs:

Braille Exit or Entrance Exit Signage
We provide different styles of ADA Entrance Exit Signs that include both Braille and text. ADA regulations dictate that all of the signs are made from acrylic material and have rounded corners and a matte blue finish. The majority of them measure 6" x 8", but other sizes are also available for purchase. Our 6" x 2" model comes in both Braille and text only with no images.

On top of these, we provide ADA compliant, 6" x 6" "Fire Exit" that has both grade 2 Braille and tactile text. The words are in white, and the background is red. In case of fire, this is the most important exit for visually-impaired people to be able to locate in a public building. Our line of Braille Exit Signs and Entrance Exit Signs ranges from 5" x 4" up to 12" x 12" depending upon your needs. ADA compliant signs are also available that do not contain Braille, but why not purchase the ones that are ideal for both seeing and visually-impaired individuals? You will need to mount all of these signs at the proper locations and height according to ADA specifications.

ISA or International Symbol of Accessibility
We sell the International Symbol of Accessibility in a 6" x 6" size that adheres to the ADA regulations, but we also provide a 6" x 8" version with both Braille and text, or a 4" x 4" model ideal for displaying on tables. In addition, a pack of 3 window decals is available for purchase through our company. The decals install on the windows of your building to inform visitors and customers that your property is wheelchair accessible and ADA compliant. One feature about these decals that you will love is the fact they leave no glue residue on the windows for the times you need to replace them with new ones.

Reliable, Durable Quality

You will receive reliable, durable quality in all of our Braille exit signs or ADA-compliant, entrance exit signs. Help your visitors and customers who are visually impaired find their way in and out of your building by always displaying this type of signage. On top of this, display the ISA to broadcast to all who approach your building that you are in compliance with all ADA regulations. Your customers will appreciate your efforts, and you will avoid legal issues. Browse all of our signs below to find the right Braille exit, ADA-compliant, and entrance exit signage for your company or other establishment.

Our ADA compliant entrance exit, or tactile exit signs are made according to the specifications set forth in the regulations of the Americans With Disabilities Act. We also use the best materials in constructing these signs to ensure they will last for years to come. Trust our signs today to bring you into compliance with all ADA regulations. Your building will pass inspection every time! Contact us today for further ordering instructions or to place your order.
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