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ADA Signs

ADA Brushed Aluminum Signs

Choose ADA Brushed Aluminum Signs to Get Clear Messaging with Style

First and foremost, everyone knows the primary purpose of a posted sign is to clearly and effectively communicate an important message to passersby. Yet if you are the owner or building manager of a high-end retail store, hotel, or restaurant, you want your signage to match or fit in with luxury appearance and styling of your building. You want signs that are attractive rather than ones that take away from the aesthetics and beauty of your building’s design.

Form Meets Function with Brushed Aluminum Handicap Signs

ADA Brushed aluminum signs, brushed aluminum braille signs and metal handicap signs were built with both appearance and compliance in mind. More attractive and stately looking than standard signage, such brushed aluminum tactile signs and more can provide an effective means of communication without ruining building décor.

At, our official brushed aluminum ADA and metal handicap signs have:

      • A 0.125-inch black acrylic backer that is long lasting and elegant looking
      • Black, tactile text that is raised 1/32-inch in order to meet the standards for brushed aluminum braille sign (Grade 2 Braille)
      • Sturdy, made-to-last foam adhesives for secure mounting

Because each brushed aluminum ADA sign is made-to-order, they can be customized with your own text or logo to fit the unique branding of your building. Standard brushed aluminum ADA signs including brushed aluminum tactile signs are available for individual or bulk order as well. In addition to using brushed aluminum handicap signs to meet ADA compliance requirements, many high-end businesses choose to use them for restroom signs, conference room signs, parking lot signs, stairwell signs, and much more.

ADA Brushed Aluminum Signs Comply with Standards

So just because the law says you must post specific ADA signs on your property to comply with regulation does not mean that such signs must negatively impact the overall appearance and style of your building’s interior. A brushed aluminum braille sign from, is both an effective means of communication as well as an attractive display that can complement your building’s décor.

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