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Security Signs

Security Signs

You’ve taken aggressive steps to secure your property or business from upgrading locks or reinforcing dead bolts to installing an expensive security alarm, what else is left? Believe it or not, sometimes trespassers and would be robbers actually need to see a sign to remind them that what they are about to do is not very smart. In fact, security signs are one of the most effective deterrents for theft, vandalism and even trespassing. For some reason, whether people know it or not, they need to be told what to do - or in this case, what not to do. After all, who wouldn’t want to protect their property from potential thieves or unwelcome guests? Security and surveillance signs just make it a bit more formal.

Why Use a Security Sign?

Protect the Business
For most business owners, Camera Surveillance Signs or Video Surveillance Signs are simply good business. Most small business owners have put a lot of time and money into their business and cannot afford the hassle of even minimal vandalism. Knowing that Under Surveillance Signs are displayed in and around the business creates a feeling of security that is worth its weight in gold.

Add Peace of Mind for Home
Homeowners are similar to business owners in that they too have invested heart and soul into property and possessions. In some cases, homeowners are actually more committed for personal or emotional reasons. Displaying Surveillance Signs increases the sense of security that comes along with taking appropriate measures to protect your home and family.

Create a “Neighborhood Crime Watch” Mentality
Security Signs are even more powerful when used together. When several residents in the same area use Neighborhood Watch Signs, it gets the message across that this neighborhood, condominium, HOS, or block is paying attention. It actually gives credibility to other members in the group who don’t have a Security Sign. In other words, there is power in numbers.

Different Styles Available

With a huge selection to choose from, it’s easy to find exactly the message you want for your Security Sign. There are cute, friendly messages that still get the point across. For instance, “smile you’re on camera” is a popular phrase for letting people know they are being taped without sounding too aggressive. On the other hand, if it is your intent to sound assertive and you prefer something less passive, there are signs for that as well. A simple statement of the obvious is always efficient. “Warning, Camera Surveillance in Progress” seems to work well. While both styles are effective, it really boils down to style and personal choice.

Surveillance Signs are even available with bilingual messages. Spanish or Spanish-English Camera Surveillance Signs are popular, particularly with images. In fact, Video Surveillance Signs are available with words and images, images alone or just words. Plus, our reflective security signs really stand out at night.

Easy to Display

Displaying a Security Sign couldn’t be any easier. They are appropriate for both indoors and outdoors and for residential or business use. Surveillance Signs mount easily to poles, fences and buildings and come with pre-drilled holes making installation super simple.

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