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ADA Signs

ADA Restroom Signs

The Americans with Disabilities Act prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability in employment, public accommodations, commercial facilities, transportation, and telecommunications. If you own, operate, or mange a property with residents, employees, or with any public access, you almost certainly will need to abide by ADA sign regulations to avoid expensive and disruptive access-related lawsuits. Choosing the correct ADA Restroom Signs can at first be overwhelming. Many states require two ADA Bathroom Signs: including ADA Bathroom Signs on the wall adjacent to the restroom door's strike side, as well as an ADA Bathroom Sign on the restroom door itself. While the ADA restroom sign on the wall must have Braille, the restroom sign on the door must not have Braille. And that makes sense, when you consider the safety hazard of having a vision-impaired person reading a Braille sign in an active doorway.

Large Variety of ADA Restroom Signage and Braille Restroom Signs in Stock offers a large selection of high quality, durable ADA restroom signs with tactile text and symbols, and required Grade 2 Braille. Our fully compliant ADA bathroom signage can be purchased online or bay calling toll-free: 1-888-931-1793..Why risk buying cheap imported ADA restroom signs that will fail inspection? Why delay approval of your project and pay far more in time lost than was saved on buying cheap signs not up to code? Our ADA restroom signage is manufactured in California and meets both Title 24 and ADA specifications. Our ADA bathroom signs have never failed an ADA inspection. We know that passing an ADA sign inspection is often the last hurdle in getting your project completed. That's why we keep our most popular ADA restroom signs and braille restroom signs in stock, so we can ship them out the same day you order them. We also make ADA restroom signs to order, in an array of standard color choices. We can also make ADA restroom signs in custom colors, and match your existing sign colors. We usually ship custom ADA restroom signage in just 5 to 7 work days. So when you need custom ADA bathroom signs for Men's, Women's, or Unisex facilities, we can do that, too. And fast.

ADA Restroom Signage for Offices, Restaurants, Stores and Residences

Using the correct restroom signs that meet Title 24 and ADA sign regulations makes things easier for everybody. Properly marked restrooms avoid confusion and make your property safe and user-friendly, for your employees, tenants, customers, and visitors. Until they get sued, most people do not realize that an ADA lawsuit can be brought not only against the owner or landlord of a property, but against the person or business renting the property. It's a pretty safe bet that if you own, operate or even manage a business or property having any public access, the Americans With Disabilities Act will apply to your property or business. Working with a licensed CASp (Certified Access Specialist), ADA inspector, or ADA Compliance Consultant, or following the recommendations of your building inspector can tell you what signs you need and where to position them. You can then order ADA signs online through our web site, or place a phone order on our toll-free line: 1-888-931-1793.

ADA Bathroom Signs for Schools

We provide a lot of ADA and Title 24 compliant signs to schools through the United States, and especially to schools in our home state of California. Our school lavatory and school bathroom signs with age-appropriate pictograms for boys and girls, are popular. As are the custom ADA room signs we make for school classrooms and offices. All of the ADA signs for schools that we make can be ordered with counter-sunk holes and vandal-resistant hardware. We also make sub-surface painted ADA guide signs. This kind of non-Braille guide sign has the images and text below the surface of the sign and is an excellent way to prevent damage from tampering..

Other Important ADA Compliant Signs

Many businesses require ADA compliant braille exit signs and entrance signs. Including the Accessibility symbol or ISA. Some ISA signs being sold elsewhere do not meet ADA regulations that require the ISA symbol always be displayed in a minimum 6x6 area with no other sign elements in that area. That's why we make our International Symbol of Accessibility signs in the 6x6 size. But there are times when customers need a smaller handicap sign or handicap access symbol. That's why we also make a 4x4 ISA and even a smaller round ISA that can be embedded in a table top. These kinds of access symbols are popular with restaurants, cafes, food courts, and other retail businesses. Handicap decals can be placed on the inside of windows or on glass doors to let customers and visitors know that your business or property is ADA compliant and has wheelchair accessibility. Our static cling Access Symbol Window Decals can be removed and replaced, allowing windows to be cleaned as needed. Many retail clothing stores have been the targets of ADA compliance lawsuits. That's why we keep our fitting room braille sign in stock for fast shipping. We also offer several made-to-order dressing room braille signs that ship in just 5-7 days.

Trusted Quality in ADA Restroom Signage

Tactile exit signs, braille room signs, and ADA restroom signs all play an important role in making your school, property, or business accessible for all people. When purchasing your ADA signs, it's best to choose quality you can trust. Our made-in-America stock or custom ADA braille signs have never failed an inspection. After deciding with your access specialist, building inspector or ADA consultant which signs you need to make your property fully ADA compliant, you can purchase those sign on our website or by calling our toll-free number: 1-888-931-1793.

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