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ADA Unisex Restroom Door Sign with ISA and Pictograms on White Triangle - 12x12

ADA Unisex Restroom Door Sign with ISA and Pictograms on White Triangle - 12x12

ADA Unisex Restroom Door Sign | ISA & Pictograms-White Triangle-12x12

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Product Information

ADA Unisex Restroom

Door Sign with White Triangle

ADA Compliant Unisex Restroom Door Sign with Access Symbol and Male and Female Pictograms on White Triangle - 12x12

Why a white triangle? New regulations will begin to require a contrast between the triangle and circle elements of Unisex Restroom Door signs in California, per section 1115B 6.3 of the 
2009 California Access Compliance Reference Manual:

1115B.6.3. "Unisex sanitary facilities shall be identified by a circle, ¼ inch (6.4 mm) thick and 12 inches (305 mm) in diameter with a ¼ inch (6.4 mm) thick triangle superimposed on the circle and within the 12-inch (305 mm) diameter. The triangle symbol shall contrast with the circle symbol, either light on a dark background or dark on a light background. The circle symbol shall contrast with the door, either light on a dark background or dark on a light background."

Note: ADA Restroom Door signs should not have Braille. To meet Title 24 and ADA regulations, use a Restroom Wall sign with Braille in tandem with this Door sign. Both signs are mounted 60-inches from the floor to the center of the sign.

Click this link for a quick overview of ADA Signs Required for Restrooms.
  • Sign is 1/4" laminate
  • Sign face is 1/4" thick matte acrylic sub-surface painted with eased corners
  • 1/32" raised pictogram (ISA)
  • Foam mounting tape included
  • Our made-in-Califronia ADA Compliant Restroom Signs are high-quality and professionally manufactured. Our ADA Restroom Signs meet ADA sign regulations and will pass official Title 24 building inspections and Americans With Disabilities Act compliance inspections.

    "Easy to find exactly what I was looking for. Love the quantity discount! Product arrived very quickly and I was completely pleased with the quality."
    Ruth B., TN, 19 Jan 2015

    "I have purchased from you in the past, I always receive quality signs with a minimal shipping time."
    Rick N. AZ, 16 Jan 2015

    (ADA Compliant Restroom Signs) ADA Restroom Signs Mounting Instructions: Where permanent identification signs are provided for rooms and spaces, signs shall be installed on the wall adjacent to the latch side of the door. Where there is no wall space on the latch side, including at double leaf doors, signs shall be placed on the nearest adjacent wall, preferably on the Right. Mounting height shall be 60 inches above the finish floor to the centerline of the sign. Mounting location shall be determined so that a person may approach within 3 inches of signage without encountering protruding objects or standing within the Swing of a door.

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