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ADA Guide / Wayfinding Signs

ADA Guide Signs Help Those With Disabilities Find Their Way

Navigating through busy public structures, centers or parking lots can be confusing even for people without disabilities, but for those who deal with physical or visual impairments each day, this can be a nightmare, especially without proper signage! The ADA or American With Disabilities Act sets forth regulations for all public centers, buildings and parking lots to adhere to in order for them to provide effective, safe access to entryways, exits, parking spaces and bathrooms to those with disabilities, whether they need a cane to walk, a wheelchair for mobility, or are visually impaired just for some examples. ADA and disabled wayfinding signs allow you to provide this access.

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Our ADA and Disabled Guide Signage Help People With Disabilities Safely Navigate

Public establishments and locations must post the correct disabled guide signs to enable customers and visitors with disabilities easy access and of course, to comply with ADA laws. Signs, such as these ADA guide signs are familiar to most people today with the symbol of a wheelchair with a person sitting in it. They direct people with disabilities to the entryways, exits, reserved parking spaces, restrooms and other areas that are accessible by ADA regulations. What does this mean? It simply means that all these areas contain the correct width and other spacing to accommodate a person's standard wheelchair or allow a person traversing with a cane easy access. When the signs are just outside of the public bathrooms, it means a person can navigate his or her wheelchair safely and easily inside of these rooms. In addition, these bathrooms contain safety rails to assist them in getting down, and up from the toilet in at least one stall if there are multiple stalls.

We Offer Varied Styles of ADA Guide and Disabled Way Finding Signs

We manufacture and sell other styles of ADA and disabled guide signs besides the ones we mention in the above information. Some examples of these signs include the ones that state, "ACCESS AT REAR" or "WHEELCHAIR RAMP" to explain where certain handicap access is available. High-rise structures often post ADA guide signs outside elevators that contain arrows pointing down and up on them. In addition, you can purchase "NO WHEELCHAIR ACCESS" signs in the event you own an older building that has yet to upgrade to provide this benefit. A sign such as this also contains an image of a person in a wheelchair with a circle around both and a diagonal line through the circle along with the text message.

ADA Guide Signs and Disabled Guide Signage Assist All Visitors and Customers

Disabled way finding signs help more than just those with disabilities. All your visitors and customers will find these signs useful in finding their way through your structure, and around your property since they point out the restrooms, entryways, exits and reserved parking spaces. Remember, though, the law requires you to post these signs when your property is accessible to the public. Our signs are affordable, especially when you take into account the amount of money you will have to pay in fines if you do not post the correct ADA signage. Provide additional service to your disabled customers and visitors by posting a sign that states, "PLEASE RING BELL FOR ASSISTANCE", as this shows they can depend on you for help whenever necessary. Order your signs today!