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ADA Signs

ADA Guide / Wayfinding Signs

Think back to the last time you went to a large shopping mall you had never been to before, or a new restaurant in a part of town you did not know. It was a bit uncomfortable, wasn't it? But there were, at least, signs guiding you into and around the parking area. And from there, you were able to follow a few well-positioned signs, usually with arrows, that directed you to the store or restaurant you wanted. Not so bad, after all, right? Now imagine doing all that in a wheelchair. Not so easy. ADA Guide Signs / Disabled Guide Signs are an essential component of making stores, restaurants, schools and businesses accessible for everyone.

If you own property or manage a business, working with local and state government has probably already made you aware of your responsibilities to make your business accessible under the ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990). But your responsibilities extend beyond the confines of your store. An important part of complying with accessibility laws is to display the correct ADA Guide Signs in the parking areas and the approaches people use to enter and leave your property or business.

While ADA Guide Signs can go by many names, such as Disabled Guide Signs, Handicap Wayfinding Signs or ADA Wayfinding Signs, the purpose of all ADA Guide Signs is simple and direct: Helping the disabled (and non-disabled, as well) to safely approach, enter, navigate within and exit from your property or business. While most Disabled Guide Signs will include the International Symbol of Accessibility (ISA), each handicap wayfinding sign has a different purpose. Some typical ADA Guide Signs and ADA Wayfinding Signs include Accessible Entrance Signs with directional arrows, or signs to direct people to wheelchair accessible restrooms, wheelchair ramps, or elevators.

For many years, towns, cities and the states have been buying high-quality signs from our third-generation family-owned California sign company. Now you can buy the same high quality signs, including Disabled Guide Signs and Handicapped Guide Signs that can make your property or business in full compliance with ADA accessibility requirements.

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