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Window Decals - NOT Accessible Symbol  - 6x6

Window Decals - NOT Accessible Symbol  - 6x6

Window Decal - Not Accessible Symbol - 6x6

SKU: ADA-1060
Price: $19.95

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Product Information

Not Wheelchair Accessible

Window Decal

Alert customers and visitors to NON-Accessible entrances, hallways, and doorways with this self-adhesive Not Accessible Window Decal.

These ADA window decals can be placed on the inside of windows to let customers and visitors know your store, business or property is ADA compliant and has wheelchair accessibility.

These ADA decals do not leave any adhesive residue.

Unlike cheap window stickers printed on transparent material, our ADA window decals are printed on opaque white material--providing much better visibility.

Note: This is a decal, and not an ADA compliant sign. Decals do not have tactile text or Braille.

Digitally printed in color. Peel-off self-adhesive, easy to mount on the inside of windows. Rated for 5-plus years of no-fade service. Note: This is a self-adhesive window decal--not an ADA compliant sign with tactile text and Braille.

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