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Fire Lane Signs

These days, people more than ever understand the critical importance of first responders, the fire, police, and medical personnel who rush toward danger even as everyone else is running from it. A No parking fire lane sign is an essential component in the emergency response system. Keeping lanes open in parking lots for emergency response equipment and personnel, and keeping lanes of access to buildings unblocked, can save lives. This is why fire lane signs are often regulated by government agencies. It is also why there are few things that will get you an expensive parking ticket or have your car towed away at your risk and expense faster than ignoring No Parking Fire Lane signs. Property owners and managers need to be sure they using properly made and displayed no parking fire lane signs that are up to code so they are not exposed to expensive code violations, legal liability, and lawsuits.

With so many regulatory agencies, from the local to the state and up to the federal level monitoring fire lane signs, it can be confusing for the property owner or manager. The key to buying the correct No Parking Fire Lane sign is to check with your local authorities, who oversee the agencies most likely to be first responders to an emergency situation on your property. They can tell you if there are special requirements for fire lane signs in their jurisdiction, such as including a municipal law code on each no parking fire lane sign.

At STOP Signs And More, we make all our Fire Lane Signs conform to the specifications in the federal Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (M.U.T.C.D.). We can also make custom No Parking Fire Lane Signs that conform to local municipal regulations which often call for the addition of code citations, or specific letter heights and layouts. All the fire lane signs we manufacture, whether custom or in stock, are made using the same production materials and methods as when we make fire lane signs for towns, cities and even states. A fire lane sign purchased from STOP Signs and More will be made of high-quality heavy-gauge aluminum, with Engineer Grade or Engineer Grade Prismatic reflective sheeting, outdoor-rated inks, and official Federal Highway Administration fonts.

We make our fire lane signs to last many years. We can also extend the long life your no parking fire lane signs by adding 3M Protective Overlay Film, a transparent laminate applied to the face of the fire lane sign that gives it added resistance to harsh weather while also providing a barrier to graffiti. If the fire lane sign is tagged or spray-painted, the laminate allows for the graffiti to be removed using no more than water and a mild detergent such as Simple Green.

Just like fire, police, emergency medical responders and the agencies that support them, we take professionally made and properly displayed fire lane signs seriously. Anyone who has ever been in an emergency situation, or has had a friend or loved one in danger, knows how important it is to help, not hinder, the first responders rushing to their assistance.

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