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No Smoking Signs

Use "No Smoking Signs" to Restrict the Habit

Today, institutions and businesses of all kinds display No Smoking signage to prohibit this habit on their premises. At times in our history, doctors prescribed cigarette smoking to patients, and it also became a daily habit for 60% to 70% of the adults in this country. Recently, this habit has lost its appeal since it is a proven cause of cancer. In fact, it harms a person's overall health in a number of ways besides this.

The use of No Smoking signage has increased throughout the United States since the early 1980s, as more people learned about these dangers and those of exposure to secondhand smoke. Restrictions and bans on smoking, such as these were enacted to protect the overall health of not only workers, but also patrons who did not have a choice of smoke exposure without these measures. After all, not everyone did participate in this habit. Signs with “No Smoking” on them at this time were used to divide the smoking and non-smoking areas of businesses, restaurants, retail establishments and other public buildings.

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The Use of No Smoking Signs Increases Dramatically

Health experts began to scrutinize indoor smoking even in designated areas to a higher degree by the middle of the year 2000. They issued warnings that separate areas were not sufficient enough to protect non-smokers from the carcinogens in secondhand smoke. For this reason, smoke free signs popped up in even more indoor areas throughout the country.

At present, over 30 states prohibit smoking in all indoor, public places. In addition, other locations restrict where a person can and cannot smoke. Southern states have less stringent smoking restrictions in place on average than New York and California, which have the strictest restrictions of the states to date.

The Use of No Smoking Signage Increases in Outdoor Areas

Unlike past years, outdoor areas, such as beaches, parks, picnic areas and other public venues now display No Smoking signs. Municipalities, cities and states many times today display signage that prohibits smoking within a specific distance of entryways. No official federal specifications for these signs exist since the smoking restrictions are typically a state, municipality or city issue. Most of these signs, though, use a symbol of a circle around a lit cigarette with a diagonal slash through both to display that it is a non-smoking area.

Smoke Free Signs Can Involve E-Cigarette Restrictions

Today, with the rising popularity of e-cigarettes or vape pens, No Smoking signs both indoor and outdoor can contain the additional statement of "includes e-cigarettes" to prohibit this activity along with smoking. Experts do not fully understand the health implications of these modern devices that emit a vapor from an electronic compartment in place of smoke. For this reason, many establishments and venues ban the use of these devices along with the smoking of tobacco products. Check out our selection of No Smoking and smoke free signs today, as we know you will find one suitable for your needs. Call us at (888) 931-1793 if you need further information.