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Property Mgmt Signs

No Smoking Signs

No Smoking Signs Available for Businesses, Schools, and Municipalities

Once prescribed by doctors and a habit of 60-70 percent of the adult population, cigarette smoking began to lose its appeal once it was known to cause cancer and be detrimental to one’s health in other ways. No smoking signs first began popping up across the U.S. in the early 1980’s as the harmful effects of second-hand smoke became better known and understood. Such smoking bans and restrictions sought to protect the health and well-being of workers, who often had to work in rooms and buildings full of cigarette smoke without much choice in the matter. No Smoking Signage was used to separate smoking and non-smoking areas in businesses, offices, restaurants, and other workplaces.

No Smoking Signage Becomes Part of the Tapestry

By the mid-2000’s indoor smoking even in designated smoking sections was coming under scrutiny as health experts warned that separate rooms was insufficient protection against the carcinogens or cancer-causing elements found in second-hand smoke. As a result, no smoking signage was being found in more and more indoor spaces. Today more than 28 states have smoking bans in place that affect enclosed places that are open to the public. Other locations have restrictions or limits on where a person can light up. States in the South tend to have more lenient smoking restrictions where California and New York have some of the least tolerant smoking laws.

Outdoor No Smoking Signs Becoming Increasingly Widespread

Though unheard of years ago, outdoor no smoking signs today are regular fixtures in public places, such as parks, beaches, picnic areas and more. In many states, cities and municipalities, metal no smoking signs tell patrons that smoking is not allowed within 20 feet of doorways. As smoking bans are generally a state or municipality issue, there is no one official Government no smoking signs per se. That being said, the circle with a slash through a lit cigarette is the most common symbol found on the no smoking sign.

No Smoking Signs to Include E-Cigarette Use

Now that the use of e-cigarettes has risen in popularity, many outdoor no smoking signs include the moniker “includes e-cigarettes.” Not much is known yet about these new devices, which use an electronic cartridge and emit a vapor instead of typical cigarette smoke. As such, many places that ban tobacco smoking are also banning e-cigarette smoking.

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