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No Smoking Signs

Use "No Smoking Signs" to limit smoking

Currently, many businesses and commercial buildings display signs informing visitors that smoking is prohibited in these areas. Throughout our history, smoking and tobacco have been prevalent in American society. In fact, at some point doctors would actually prescribe smoking to their patients. Since then this hazardous habit has slowly lost its appeal as the medical consensus has emerged linking cigarettes to cancer and other health risks.

As the general population has become more aware of the dangers posed by smoking, restrictions on its use have become increasingly widespread as well. No Smoking signs are now quite common due to the health risks posed by second hand smoke in public places. These anti-smoking signs are intended to limit the exposure of tobacco smoke to visitors in certain areas.  By using “No Smoking” signs business and other public establishments can effectively protect non-smokers from harm.


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The Use of No Smoking Signs Increases Dramatically

Medical experts now agree that smoking indoors, even in designated areas, can be harmful to other occupants in the building. Research has shown that separating smokers does not fully eliminate the dangers of secondhand smoke. Accordingly, many buildings have now become “smoke-free” indoors, designating outdoor areas for tobacco use

In fact over 30 states now prohibit smoking inside within public areas. Additionally, some commercial buildings sometimes further restrict smoking with No Smoking signs which prohibit tobacco use in unwanted areas. These restrictions do vary from state to state, with New York and California having the most restrictions on smoking.   

The Use of No Smoking Signage Increases in Outdoor Areas

Unlike past years, outdoor areas, such as beaches, parks, picnic areas and other public venues now display No Smoking signs. Municipalities, cities and states many times today display signage that prohibits smoking within a specific distance of entryways. No official federal specifications for these signs exist since the smoking restrictions are typically a state, municipality or city issue. Most of these signs, though, use a symbol of a circle around a lit cigarette with a diagonal slash through both to display that it is a non-smoking area.

Smoke Free Signs Can Involve E-Cigarette Restrictions

As E-Cigarettes have become more popular in recent years, No Smoking signs both indoor and outdoor now features statements such as "includes e-cigarettes" to prohibit this activity along with smoking. Although, many experts do not yet fully understand the potential health implications of these electronic devices which emit a vapor in place of smoke, some argue that e-cigarettes may have similar risk to secondhand smoke. Accordingly, many establishments and venues ban the use of these devices along with the smoking of tobacco products. Check out our selection of No Smoking and smoke free signs today, as we know you will find one suitable for your needs. Call us at (888) 931-1793 if you need further information.