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ADA Signs

ADA Assistance Signs

Most small business owners know that it is in their best interest to keep their doors open to everyone regardless of race, gender, religion or disability status. Not only does an open-doors policy enable you to promote your business to everyone, which is likely good for your revenue, it is also the law. Elevators, wheelchair ramps, and wide aisles are ways businesses can help welcome people with disabilities. Even more so, businesses can take legal requirements one-step further by using ADA assistance signs.

Keep Compliant with ADA Assistance Signs

Area of rescue assistance signage lets fire, ambulance, police and other first-responders know where they can go to assist someone in a wheelchair or other device. When clearly marked these designated areas can help disabled people know where to go should there be a fire or other emergency. By providing area of rescue assistance signage for customers, you are exceeding the standards required by the law.

Make Guests Feel at Home with a Please Ring Bell For Assistance Sign

Other please ring bell for assistance signs are less urgent but let customers with disabilities know that their business is important and that if they need help, all they have to do is ask. Some customers with disabilities may feel they don’t want to impose on the staff or ask them to go out of their way to ask a question about merchandise or perhaps reach an item on the shelf that is out of their reach. A ring bell for assistance sign lets the customers know their inquiries and their business is welcome.

More Than ADA Assistance Signs also sells a range of ADA entrance signage to let visitors know which doors or areas have wider entrances, ramps and other wheelchair-friendly amenities so that they can quickly spot these doorways. Such ADA entrance signage may be required by law but is also a good idea to notify disabled persons for reasons of safety and comfort. Failure to comply with use of proper ADA entrance signage and other ADA signage could result in hefty fines, depending on your state and zoning regulations.

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