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ADA Signs

ADA Decals and Labels

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 or commonly referred to as ADA, requires all public areas and private businesses to display ADA Signs. But "signs" does not only mean tactile ADA signs with Braille. It also includes using ADA decals, handicap decals, wheelchair labels, and handicap labels as an essential component of making stores, restaurants, schools and businesses accessible for everyone. A window decal or label with the ISA (International Symbol of Accessibility) on it can be seen almost everywhere. These Handicap decals & disabled window stickers are often the first indicator to your customers and visitors that your business is in compliance with ADA regulations and is sensitive to the needs of all its customers and visitors, including people with disabilities.

ADA decals and labels can go by many other names, such as Handicap Decals, Handicapped Decals, Disabled Window Stickers, Wheelchair Labels, and Disabled Decals. But the purpose of any handicap decal or label is simply to help the disabled (and non-disabled, for that matter) to safely approach, enter, navigate within and exit from your property or business. While most handicapped decals will include the symbol of accessibility, every handicap decal or label has a specific purpose. Some handicapped decals and labels are used to mark accessible exits and exit routes, or accessible entrances, and even accessible tables, dressing rooms, or cash registers that are reserved for assisting disabled patrons.

While the ISA or symbol of accessibility is by far the most common of the many handicap decals, another very common window decal or label displayed in stores and restaurants is the simple message: If you need any help, we are happy to assist you. Many of our customers who own or manage retail stores and restaurants like the window decal or label we offer that states No Pets Allowed but also includes the message Service Dogs Are Welcome!

Since 1955 towns, cities, California and other states as well as many federal agencies have been buying the high-quality signs we manufacture in our third-generation family-owned company. Now you can also purchase the same high quality signs from STOP Signs and More for your property and business. We apply the same quality standards to the ADA decals and labels we print that we have applied to the signs we make. And because we manufacture our own disabled decals and labels, we can make custom handicap decals, window stickers and handicap labels for you in just a matter of days.

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