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ADA Signs

ADA School Signs

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) requires all public businesses, including private and public schools, to display ADA compliance signs. Using correct and compliant Braille ADA signs for schools and tactile school signs is not only required by law, but is an critical part of communicating with students, staff and visitors who may have disabilities. ADA school signs are part of making your school safe for everyone.

Common ADA Signs for Schools

ADA accessibility guidelines are very specific about how and where special needs signs must be displayed. The purpose is that people with special needs should not be excluded from enjoying the same experiences as other non-disabled people. With so many classrooms, offices, supply rooms, cafeterias and other rooms, the most common Braille signs for schools and tactile signs for schools are school room number and room identification signs. Unlike public businesses which would use men's and women's restroom signs, a more appropriate ADA school sign might be a Boy's Restroom sign and Girl's Restroom sign. Most states require school restrooms to have two signs, one sign mounted on the restroom door and another sign mounted on the wall on the latch side of the door. This is the sign that carries the tactile (raised text) and Grade 2 Braille. Sometimes the logic behind ADA requirements is not always clear, but in this case, it's obvious that having a visually impaired person standing in a restroom doorway to read a tactile text or Braille restroom sign would not be a safe practice.

We also provide ADA parking signs and ADA guide signs for schools. Because making a school accessible includes the parking areas, entrances, and approaches to the school.

What's Different, if Anything, About ADA Signs for Schools?

The ADA school signs, Braille school signs, and tactile school signs we make all meet the same ADA regulations that apply to any signage, whether displayed in a store, mall, or office. But if you’ve spent any time at all around kids, you know that anything that can be seen and reached, will be touched. We make our ADA signs for schools with durability and security in mind. While ADA signs for businesses are typically mounted using foam tape and/or silicone adhesives, we can make ADA signs for schools with counter-sunk holes that fit our anti-tampering hardware. Any of our ADA school signs and Braille School signs can also be made using very attractive and durable brushed aluminum. Although brushed aluminum ADA signs for schools cost more, their durability, combined with tamper-proof hardware to secure them, greatly increase the service life of the signs. After all, ADA school signs have an important purpose. To fulfill that purpose they must be in place, and intact.

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