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Alternative Fuel - Hybrid Parking Signs

Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Parking and charging stations are becoming increasingly popular in cities throughout the United States. In fact, nearly 8,000 charging stations now exist around the country today, of which half have been built since 2012. Despite the expected increase in demand, not all sign companies currently provide signage for hybrid or electric vehicles. Fortunately, our company offers a varied assortment of EV parking signs for customers to choose from based on their preferences. Considering, the wide range of hybrid and electric vehicles types, some of our signs are in stock and ready to ship while others required a brief period for assembly and delivery. To accommodate our customer’s needs, we offer custom design for hybrid and electric vehicle signs as well which can be specifically made according to your design. Hybrid or electric vehicle parking is also offered through special designations around many establishments including schools, businesses and shopping malls.

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Types of HEV Signs Available From Our Company

Our company designs and manufactures high-quality, durable signage for low-emission or electric vehicle parking spaces. Additionally, we provide hybrid and EV signs designating charging stations for these vehicles. Because there are different kinds of signs depending on their proximity to retail, schools or business and different levels based on charging speed, our signs include various information including the level and type of charging station provided. Hybrid or EV signs displaying level one charging stations indicate the slowest charge available whereas level three charging stations are the fastest with 480V of power. Level one stations take about five to six hours per charge while level three stations can charge most vehicles in around 20 minutes.

Hybrid electric vehicles are currently the most popular of the ‘low-emission’ cars in use because of their ability to utilize electric car batteries and gasoline engines simultaneously. Other forms of similar vehicles use other sources of power such as completely electric or alternative-fuel cars. For some, the best type of hybrid parking signs to post ones that designate, "Reserved Hybrid And Low Emission Vehicles" to notify drivers which kinds of vehicles are allowed to park in the provided space. When you do not want to specify the space for just one type of vehicle, but do want to set a preference for a space, install electric vehicle parking signs that state "Preferred Parking For Hybrid Vehicles". Setting a broad designation with a  sign like this provides a space for Hybrid/EV cars without prohibiting others from using the space if the parking lot is full. It just states who you prefer to use the space when the lot is not busy. We do offer other styles of signage as well, so do not hesitate to browse our page to determine which products best suit your needs the best.

Custom Ordering Available

If you would like to add your company or organization’s logo, name or other information on our hybrid vehicle parking signs, simply let us know. After discussing your ideas and preferences we can customize each of our sings to build electric and hybrid vehicles signs according to your specifications. We have no minimum quantity for custom orders, so if your need a large or small amount of EV parking signs just consult with our knowledgeable staff to place a custom request.

We Manufacture and Sell Only High-Quality, Durable Hybrid Parking Only and Electric Vehicle Parking Signage

In order to ensure the highest quality possible we manufacture all of our hybrid and electric vehicle signage according to the same standards we adhere to for all our signs at Our family-owned facilities throughout the United States, utilize durable, heavy gauge, rustproof aluminum with quality prints and reflective materials from 3M for our signs. Due to 3M’s first-rate materials, all of our signs can and will withstand a wide range of weather or other hazardous conditions for at least five to seven years without fading. In fact, you can increase their lifespan for ten more years with the addition of Protective Overlay Film from 3M. POF protects our signage to a further degree by eliminating the threat of weather damage or vandalism such as graffiti, sticks or other means of damage.  

Our hybrid and electric vehicle parking signage also feature holes drilled into the top and bottom or center of the signs for your benefit. These holes make for easy installation on whichever posts you select to use for your needs. Contact us for your electric vehicle parking signs today whether you need our parking signs for low-emission, electric, or hybrid vehicles, or one of our other classifications of signs.