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Parking Signs

Alternative Fuel - Hybrid Parking Signs

JD Power and Associates estimates that 10-percent of the cars on the road by 2015 will be hybrid electric vehicles (HEV). But an official electric vehicle parking signs can be difficult to find. At we offer a great selection of electric vehicle parking signs and hybrid parking signs. Some of the many electric vehicle parking and alternative fuel parking signs we make we keep in stock for quick ordering and shipping times. Other HEV parking signs and hybrid parking signs we make to order, often shipping in just 1 to 3 days. We can also make custom electric vehicle parking signs for your business, school, or office park. Just call us and tell us what you need. 

Types of Electric Vehicle Parking and Hybrid Parking Signs Available

We offer high-quality reserved for electric vehicle parking signs and low emission parking signs. And we also make electric vehicle charging station signs, including some signs that indicate the type of electric car charging stations available in your parking lot, parking garage, shopping center, school or business. We make electric vehicle charging only signs that indicate if the charging station is a Level 2 with 240V that takes 5-6 hours to charge an electric car. Or we can provide electric vehicle parking signs to indicate a Level 3 charging station with 480V that typically takes only 20 minutes to charge an electric car.

While hybrid electric cars, that is, cars using both gasoline engines and electric batteries, are the most common low emission vehicles at present, there are many types of hybrid cars, fully electric cars, and low emission vehicles or vehicles using alternative fuels. Sometimes a good choice for a general reserved parking sign is a Reserved For Low Emission Vehicles Only Sign. If the parking space is only preferred, and not exclusively reserved for low emission vehicles, you may want to use our Preferred Parking For Hybrid Vehicles Parking Sign. Using the wording "preferred parking" on your low emission parking signs is a great way to let your customers and visitors driving gasoline-powered cars know that they are welcome to use that low emission vehicle parking spaces when other parking spaces are not available.

Would you really prefer your company's branding, it's name, logo, or other identification, on the hybrid parking signage you buy? No problem! We can make custom parking signs for you, from small orders to huge orders. Call us toll-free for a quote: 1-888-931-1793.

Quality Electric Vehicle Parking Signs You Can Rely On

All of our signs for electric vehicle parking, hybrid parking, and our alternative fuel parking signs are made from high quality 3M reflective materials. We manufacture them right here in the United States, in our third generation family-owned sign factory. They are constructed using rust-free, heavy-gauge durable aluminum, which means that they can withstand severe weather conditions quite easily. Sign faces are made using 3M Engineer Grade Reflective sheeting and 3M outdoor-rated inks. In fact, our Engineer Grade Prismatic reflective parking signs are rated by 3M for at least 7 years before showing any fading.

And you can DOUBLE the working life of your electric vehicle parking sign by having us add 3M Protective Overlay Film (POF)! 3M's high-tech POF laminate protects sign faces against fading caused by the sun and harsh weather and also makes graffiti damage easy to clear away without harsh abrasives, eliminating the cost and time spent in replacing graffiti-damaged signs.

Installation is easy because each of our parking signs comes ready for post mounting with pre-drilled holes at the top and bottom. What's easier than that?

Whether you are a store or business looking to add low emission and alternative fuel parking to your establishment or need hybrid car parking signs for your school, shopping center or factory parking lot, you can find what you need at

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