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Alternative Fuel - Hybrid Parking Signs

Hybrid Parking Signs Clearly Mark Electronic Charging Stations Experts predict that 10% of all automobiles on our U.S. roads in 2015 will be HEVs or hybrid electric vehicles. Even with this great need for them, not all signage companies provide hybrid parking signage. Luckily, our company offers a wide variety of electric vehicle parking signs for customers to select from according to their preferences. Certain styles of these hybrid parking signs or electric vehicle parking signs we stock for immediate purchase, while others we need to make and these will take up to three days to be ready for shipping or delivery. Custom ordering according to your own ideas is another option we provide. You can design your hybrid car parking sign to fit specific purposes for schools, businesses and other types of establishments that may offer special parking for HEVs. Explain your design ideas to us and we will set to work creating your unique signage.

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Types of HEV Signs Available From Our Company

We design and manufacture durable signage to point out reserved low-emission or electric vehicle parking spaces. In addition, we offer hybrid car parking and electric vehicle parking signage to signify charging stations for electric vehicles. Signs such as these will even include what type of charging station it is, as there are different kinds for use by hybrid drivers for your retail, business, school, or other type of parking lot or garage. We make signs to point out whether a station is level one, two, or three. Level one is the slowest charge and similar to plugging into a home outlet, while level two takes about five to six hours at 240V, and level three is the fastest at charging using 480V and requires only twenty minutes.

Hybrid electric cars, at the moment, are the most popular of the lower-emissions cars on the road since they use both electric batteries and gasoline engines for power, but other types of vehicles that use other methods of power, such as full electric, alternative-fuel, and low-emission vehicles. At times, the ideal type of hybrid parking signs to post is the ones that state, "Reserved Hybrid And Low Emission Vehicles" to inform drivers what type of car can park in the space. When you do not want to specify the space for just one type of vehicle, but do want to set a preference for a space, install electric vehicle parking signs that state "Preferred Parking For Hybrid Vehicles". Setting a preference such as this, doesn’t prohibit others from using the space if the parking lot is full. It just states who you prefer to use the space when the lot is not busy. Other styles of signs also are available, so please browse our page to see which ones suit your needs the best.

Custom Ordering Available

When you desire to add your company's or organization's logo, name, or other info on your hybrid parking signs, you just need to tell us your ideas, as we mentioned earlier. We custom make electric vehicle parking signs for our customers all the time according to their exact specifications. Our company will fill small-quantity to large-quantity custom orders. Just consult with our staff for additional specifics on how to place a custom request.

We Manufacture and Sell Only High-Quality, Durable Hybrid Parking Only and Electric Vehicle Parking Signage

We manufacture all of our electric vehicle parking and hybrid car parking signs in the same high-quality manner we utilize with all signs at In our family-owned facilities in the United States, we combine durable, heavy-gauge, rustproof aluminum with quality inks and reflective materials from 3M to create our signs. Thanks to 3M's materials, our signs will withstand all sorts of weather conditions to last for at least seven years without fading. You can increase their lifespan to fourteen years, though, with the addition of the Protective Overlay Film or POF from 3M. POF safeguards the signs further from not only weather damage, but also eliminates the use of abrasive tools or agents to remove paint, stickers and other marks of vandalism.

Another feature you will discover on your hybrid parking signs or electric vehicle parking signage is the holes we drill into the bottom and top centers of the signs for you. These holes make for easy installation on whichever posts you select to use for your needs. Contact us for your electric vehicle parking signs today whether you need our parking signs for low-emission, electric, or hybrid vehicles, or one of our other classifications of signs.