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Design Your Own Custom Parking Signs constructed with Reflective Rust-Free Heavy Gauge Aluminum

Design Your Own Custom Parking Signs constructed with Reflective Rust-Free Heavy Gauge Aluminum

Design Your Own Custom Parking Signs - 12x18

SKU: CUS-1021
Add Weather & Graffiti Protection--Only $4.95!

Price: $44.95
Enter the Words You Want On Your Sign (Fewer Words = Larger Letters) & any Special Instructions...:

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Product Information

Custom Parking Sign

Custom Parking Signs: Design Your Own 12x18 Reflective Rust-Free Heavy Gauge Aluminum Custom Parking Signs - Rated for 7-Plus Years of No-Fade Outdoor Service

Three Easy Steps to Order Custom Parking Signs

  1. Place Your Order Online Now! (Be sure to include your email address during checkout.)
  2. We Will Email A Proof to You, So You Can See How Your Finished Sign Will Look
  3. Your Custom Signs Will Ship 3-5 Work Days After You OK the Proof!
    (For quantities of 10 or more signs, please allow 15 work days to ship.)

Your Custom Parking Sign Is

  • Your Custom 12x18 Parking Signs will be constructed of rust-free, heavy gauge, durable aluminum
  • Your Custom 12x18 Parking Signs will be made with Reflective sheeting and 3M inks
  • Your Custom 12x18 Parking Signs will be typeset with Official Federal Highway Administration fonts
  • Your Custom 12x18 Parking Signs will come with holes at top and bottom center for easy mounting
  • Your Custom 12x18 Parking Signs are rated for at least 7 years no-fade outdoor service
  • You can DOUBLE the working life of your Custom Parking Signs by adding 3M Protective Overlay Film (POF)! 3M’s high-tech POF protects sign faces against fading caused by the sun and harsh weather—and makes graffiti and sticker defacement damage easy to clear away without harsh abrasives.

Why Custom Parking Signs?

Every parking space in your parking lot makes a big and often under-appreciated contribution to your company’s success. Yes, parking lots make money. If you do not have parking spaces set aside for your customers, they will soon become someone else’s customers. Custom parking signs are a cost-effective way to manage your parking areas and improve customer loyalty.

Custom Parking Signs: Make Your Business Stand Out

If you could only know how many times a potential customer said, "I don't want to shop there. They never have parking." Your customers will appreciate having parking reserved for them. And an attractive custom parking sign with your company name and logo, and maybe a short personal welcome, is a great way to improve your company’s branding and name recognition. First impressions last. So why not start impressing your customers and potential customers right in your parking lot?  A custom parking sign helps keep your customers coming back. And it also deters non-customers from risking being ticketed for taking up your parking. Why? Because a custom parking sign tells them your parking area is being monitored, maintained, and enforced. Amortized over the long life (7-15 years) that a custom parking sign will be working for you, it's a small investment that pays long-lasting dividends.

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