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Small Businesses Can Avoid Expensive Fines and Lawsuits by Posting Official Disabled Parking Signs on Their Parking Lots

San Diego, CA  – Did you know that failing to post official Handicap Parking Signs could cost you your business? Small businesses across the country, especially in California, are being hit by lawsuit-filing opportunists who cruise business parking lots to see whether Disabled Parking Signs, ADA Parking Signs and California Handicap Signs are properly posted. When these drivers spot an ADA violation, they file lawsuits against the business, which, in the state of California, can cost $4,000 per offense. Most businesses, not having the time or money to spend on legal defense, settle out of court. Some businesses have been sued repeatedly.

Don’t become a victim of frivolous lawsuits. , which has been manufacturing ADA compliant and related Handicap Parking Signs for dozens of years, sells official Disabled Parking Signs, ADA Parking Signs and California Handicap Signs so that businesses can comply with the law. Signs start as low as $11.95, a fraction of what you’d pay if you were hit with one of these lawsuits.

“Even though people are taking advantage of the law, it pays to be compliant not only to avoid hefty fines but also to keep with the spirit of the law, which is to ensure those with disability have equal access to businesses,” says David Boyne, Manager of . “The best way to stop opportunists is to access a licensed consultant and have your business surveyed for accessibility compliance. Start by bringing your parking area and entrances into compliance with the correct signs.”

In California, more than 14,000 ADA lawsuits have been filed in recent years with more than 90 percent of them related to Disabled Parking Signs. In 2008, California revised its California Handicap Parking Signs, such as the “Disabled Parking Tow-Away” sign that is required at every entrance to a parking lot.  All revised versions of the California Disabled Parking Signs can be found on including add-ons for existing signs.

About: is a leading U.S.-manufacturer of top-quality, ADA Parking Signs and related Handicap Parking Signs that are both easy to install and durable.  Signs meet federal regulatory standards and are used by CalTrans so you know they can be trusted for their California Handicap Signs.


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