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California ADA Disabled and Handicapped Parking Signs

California's Handicap Parking Regulations Are Distinct From Other States

Each state has guidelines for Handicap and Disabled Parking Signs, imposed in part by the regulations set forth by the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990. California is no exception. The regulations for these signs are designate spots in parking lots for those who suffer from disabilities. Unfortunately, not all property managers comply with these regulations, leaving some parking lots inaccessible to handicap and disabled visitors. In order to combat this issue of non-compliance, citizens of California have the right to file suit against establishments which do not feature the proper ADA or California Handicap Parking Signs on their property. Read More

In 2008, California Modified its Handicap R99 & R100B Signs

 The state of California adjusted the layout for its R99 Disabled Parking Sign and its R100B Sign which designates handicap tow-away zones in 2008 as part of an effort to update it's regulations. The updates for these signs were targeted to improve accessibility in California parking lots. Although these modifications to code were relatively simple, the penalties for ignoring them can be quite severe. In fact, violating these regulations or failing to update California Handicap parking signs could result in a fine of up to $4000. Evidently, complying with

California & ADA regulations can be vital for business owners in the state.

Which California Handicap Parking Sign is the Right Choice Without expertise, it can be quite difficult to navigate complicated regulations for California Handicap & Disabled Signs. In order to help clear this up a brief overview of each type of sign may be helpful. Most importantly, the R99 & R99C are two of the most common signs found in California Parking Lots. The feature the 'Wheelchair' Symbol of Accessibility above the words 'Parking Only' , while the R99c also warn violators of a 'Minimum Fine $250'. Vehicles parking in spaces designated by these signs must have an official handicap placard issued by the DMV. The following California Vehicle Codes provide feature information on the state's handicap regulations in greater detail: CVC2251.9, CVC2251.8 and CVC2251.7.

Another common California Handicap Parking Sign is the R7-8B sign which features the text 'Van Accessible'. This sign designates parking spaces for visitors with special vans which feature lifts/ramps for wheelchairs. This accommodation can also be featured as a modification to the R99C Sign, to combine both into one sign. Lastly, the R100B sign is featured in California parking lots to alert visitors that ineligible vehicles in designated handicap spaces can and will be towed away. These R100B typically feature information about where vehicles can be reclaimed if they are towed away.

 Our Company Uses Quality Materials to Manufacture California Handicap Parking Signage That Adheres to All of the State's ADA Specifications

Our company manufactures a full line of California handicap parking signs in our California facilities, according to this state's unique specifications for ADA compliance. In addition, we use only quality, rust-resistant, heavy-gauge aluminum along with 3M's fade-proof inks and reflective sheeting in these handicap parking signs. Together, these materials allow the signs to last for at least, seven years without unsightly fading. If you wish to increase the lifespan of your signs further, you can request the addition of 3M's Protective Overlay Film that better enables the signs to stand up to weathering and vandalism.
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