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Road & Traffic Signs

STOP Signs

Buy Only Quality STOP Road Signs

As the vehicle ownership and use grew during the early 1900s in this country, authorities realized the need for a consistent way to guarantee people could traverse all roads and streets safely in their cars. In 1915, the first Stop signs were installed on the roads in Detroit, Michigan, an important automotive manufacturing city in this country at that time, and these first signs had a white background with black letters. Later, during the 1920s, the color changed to a yellow background with black letters. It was not until 1954 that the STOP signage became red with white letters, as they still are at present.

Official STOP Signs Must Comply with MUTCD Specifications

STOP signs today are all uniform throughout the world with the same dimensions, colors, and materials. The language may differ, but the specifications for these signs are in the MUTCD, which stands for Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices. The creators of this manual and the regulations in it understand the importance of traffic signs on the streets, highways and roads to fit a standard code. People in New York City stop at the same identical signs that drivers in San Francisco do each day.

Our Company Sells STOP Road Signs

We also sell official MUTCD and custom crosswalk, STOP signs and hand held stop signs for sale, depending upon your needs. In addition, we provide the green signs with "GO" on them whenever an order calls for this style. All school STOP road signs or hand held STOP signs for sale are available in custom or standard styles to fulfill your needs in the ideal manner.

Our Company Uses Quality Materials in All Our Signs

We manufacture STOP signage with heavy-duty aluminum according to MUTCD specifications. Our signage also comes with a choice of the following three variants:

  • EGP or Engineer Grade Prismatic – EGP adheres to minimum standards for traffic signage and is reflective enough for pedestrians and drivers to read road signage at night and in rainy or sleety weather conditions.

  • HIP or High Intensity Prismatic -- HIP provides effective luminescence for mid-level traffic signage through a state-of-the-art reflective material, which produces an intensity four times as bright as the standard version. On top of this, HIP comes with a protective topcoat to enable the sign to resist scratches and other issues for 10 years.

  • Diamond Grade -- Top of the line traffic signage comes with this grade of variant, as it provides the best reflectivity results, and allows people to read the signs clearly from a distance or at all angles. Diamond Grade has the highest level of light transmission of all the variants at a distance up to 500 feet.

Our company manufactures and sells all sorts of traffic and other signage, including the STOP signs in the above information. We will provide special pricing for bulk orders in case you need a large quantity of these signs. Just contact us to discuss your options at 1-888-931-1793.

Engineer Grade Reflective STOP Signs

Engineer Grade Reflective STOP Signs

Official MUTCD Compliant R1-1 STOP Signs. Heavy Gauge Rust Free .080 Aluminum Road STOP Sign. Engineer Grade Prismatic (EGP) reflective Stop sign - typically used in areas of low traffic volume, low speeds, and minimal competing light. Signs that commonly use Engineer Grade are Stop signs, parking signs and no trespassing signs. Engineer Grade meets ASTM D Type I specifications for reflectivity and features a solventless manufacturing process, reducing emissions and energy use. An EGP reflective STOP Sign can expect at least seven years of reliability.

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High Intensity Reflective STOP Signs

High Intensity Reflective STOP Signs

Official MUTCD Compliant R1-1 STOP Signs. Heavy Gauge Rust Free .080 reflective Aluminum STOP Signs. High Intensity Prismatic (HIP) - provides higher levels of retro reflectivity versus engineer grade and standard high intensity. Where high intensity uses encapsulated glass beads, HIP refelctive metal signs use prismatic technology to provide increased retro reflectivity levels four times brighter than engineer grade. HIP features 24-hour performance with increased daytime and nighttime visibility. Tougher topcoat provides improved scuff and scratch resistance and increased durability. HIP meets ASTM D Type III & Type IV specifications for retro reflectivity. HIP STOP Signs are rated ten year reliability.

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Diamond Grade Reflective STOP Signs

Diamond Grade Reflective STOP Signs

Official MUTCD Compliant R1-1 STOP Signs. Heavy Gauge Rust Free .080 Aluminum STOP Signs. Diamond Grade Reflective sheeting (DG3) - offers optimized retroreflective performance to make signs more visible for every driver. DG3 uses unique technology to optimize performance in a changing driving environment. Increased observation angles and reflectivity are achieved. Diamond Grade Cubed provides higher luminance values at the most critical distance to drivers - 500 feet and closer. DG3 meets ASTM D Type IX specifications for reflectivity and features a reduced emissions and energy manufacturing process. DG3 STOP Signs feature twelve year reliability.

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