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Security Signs

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Post Effective Security Signs to Protect Your Property

Along with your new durable door locks and state-of-the-art security system, you also should take additional measures to deter vandals, trespassers and thieves from entering your property to perpetrate their unlawful deeds. You also need to display Security Signs, Video Surveillance Signage or even a Neighborhood Watch Sign, if applicable, to notify them that you are taking the necessary actions to safeguard your property. Certain people just require this extra action to stay away from performing crimes on other people’s property for some unknown reason. We have no doubt that you will want to heed our advice on this to ensure optimal protection for your property and neighborhood if you reside in one.

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The Variety of Reasons to Install Security Signage on Your Property

Protects Commercial Properties:
Property owners of commercial locations or other public venues are displaying Video Surveillance Signs to provide superior protection to their businesses. These sites can decrease their profits or operating capital when they suffer criminal acts. By displaying security messages on these Security Signs, they broadcast the fact that they have video surveillance watching over their property or business.

Safeguards Residences:
Homeowners should post quality Security Signs throughout their home to deter criminal activity from happening. They need to not only safeguard their houses and surrounding property from harm, but they also need to protect their cherished furnishings and other belongings. By placing these signs, and when necessary, the Video Surveillance Signage in strategic locations on their property along with their other security measures, homeowners ensure safe living conditions for all who reside in their houses while protecting their property and homes.

Neighborhood Watch Security Signage

With security sign displays, you have a variety of design options available to you in a stock way or a customized way where you can create your own unique message. On top of the ones for individual homeowners there is the Neighborhood Watch Sign that HMOs may adopt for their neighborhoods to display in highly visible and strategic locations, such as the entrance, to broadcast that there is this type of committee watching over the area both night and day. By taking this action, they protect all of the residents in the neighborhood, even if the homeowners fail to display their own security signage.

Video Surveillance and Other Security Sign Options Come in a Variety of Styles

As you search for the right video surveillance signs, model of Neighborhood Watch Sign or other security signage for your purposes, you will soon discover that you can choose from a wide assortment of styles. If you want to take a casual approach in warning people, you can display signs that states, ‘SMILE, YOU’RE ON CAMERA’ to notify them that you have video surveillance operating in or around your building. We offer other options that you might prefer for a stronger approach. For example our ‘WARNING, PROPERTY PROTECTED BY VIDEO SURVEILLANCE’ or any of our similarly worded signs can help deliver the message more clearly to would be trespassers. Simple ‘NO TRESPASSING’ signage is a third option in case there is no video surveillance. Regardless of the message, the choice is yours since you can even order custom ones.

Our Company Also Offers Bilingual Spanish-English Security Signage

In addition to the above signage options, our company,, also offers signs with Spanish or bilingual Spanish-English text on them in an assortment of sizes. With an ever-expanding Hispanic population across this country, these signs are in high demand at the moment. With any of our signs, though, you can choose from ones that contain text only, images only or a combination of text and images.

We Manufacture Durable, Highly Visible Video Surveillance Signage

When you order Video Surveillance Security Signs from our company, you receive ones that are not only made from durable aluminum, but they also contain reflective sheeting to ensure that they are clearly visible at night and in any type of weather. On top of this, we use 3M’s fade-proof inks. With all these quality materials, our signs will last for up to seven years and even longer with the addition of the Protective Overlay Film by 3M. Contact us for further information or to place your order. All orders are shipped as soon as possible.