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ADA Custom Brushed Aluminum Signs

Custom ADA Brushed Aluminum Signs with Style

Our made-in-California ADA Brushed Aluminum Signs are high-quality and professionally manufactured. Brushed aluminum signage is an attractive alternative to standard blue plastic ADA signs and is used in many new offices, schools and upscale retail stores. Our Brushed aluminum tactile products are ADA compliant and are more attractive and luxurious in appearance compared to the standard plastic signs you see in other locations. Blending decorative style with top quality functionality is one of the hardest things to do as a craftsman and manufacturer. But here at, we’ve mastered this ability over the course of our 25+ years of business experience.

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High Quality ADA Brushed Aluminum Signs That Make A Great First Impression

Our Custom ADA Brushed Aluminum Signs really help to beautify any building. So if you are looking for custom elegant metal displays for your office space, building or property, look no further than The benefits of choosing our custom ADA brushed aluminum tactile signs include:

  • Attractive, tasteful signage that will match and complement your building’s existing décor.

  • Long-lasting signs that are comprised of sturdy brushed aluminum sign face, backed by tough acrylic materials.

  • Unique customization by choosing your own messaging and text for these signs. They can be male / female restroom signs, conference room signs with numbering, break room signs, employee-only signs, exit / entrance signs and so much more.

  • Bolstering your company branding and image by uploading your original logos, colors and graphics using our easy to use software to create these custom signs.

  • Selecting the shape and size of your customized sign, depending on your messaging and text.

  • The peace of mind of knowing you are in compliance. Each custom ADA brushed aluminum sign includes tactile text, pictorial designs, and grade 2 braille, as required for legal compliance with ADA code regulations.

Discerning Clients Choose Custom ADA Brushed Aluminum Signs

Ideally suited for high-end and luxury businesses, hotels, conference centers, and more, these  ADA custom aluminum signs are as attractive as they are functional. Brushed aluminum signs offer a level of sophistication you cannot get from dull, cheap-looking plastic signs that are easy to break and are unlikely to last very long. Because of their quality finish and composition, these custom ADA brushed aluminum signs will stand out and be highly visible to employees, guests, clients and the like.

You can even order tactile signs, wood laminate and brushed aluminum customized signs with sliding “in use” and “not in use” options. These movable-component signs are ideal for high volume conference rooms or private meeting rooms.

This custom ADA signage does take a little longer to create and produce when compared to our standard signage, about 7 to 10 workdays for most orders. This is because they are made-to-order individually rather than made in mass production as most standard signs typically are manufactured in our warehouse.