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Custom STOP Signs

Let Our Custom Stop Signs Make a Bold Message

The stop sign octagon shape goes far back in our country’s automotive history. It has become the standard around the world. A red octagon shape with the words STOP in the middle gives a bold and direct message to an individual driving to halt their vehicle, if one does not, there could be dire consequences. The red and white colors were not always standard in the early years of traffic control and there were several iterations prior to it becoming standardized with the shape and color scheme we now recognize today. You can read about a brief history Here

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Customized Stop Signs can make the Same Bold Impression

If one wants to make a clear and emphatic message, then adding it to a stop sign octagon shape emphasizes it even more. A version with No Trespassing is popular choice. Just a regular rectangle version is common and may not get the message across to an individual roaming, whether on foot or a vehicle. But a custom stop sign with no trespassing in red and white colors makes it unique and sends a clear and bold message to that individual.

A Custom Octagon Shape Sign Sends a Message to Prohibit Entry

Another use of the customized stop signs shape is to prohibit entry, such as into a work place, school or a shop environment that would be dangerous or liable to the owners. STOP Do Not Enter signage can be used for any of the aforementioned places. Auto repair shops are a very popular choice when it comes to installing customized stop sign shape prohibited entry signs.

An Informative Message on an Octagon Shape Sign will Stand Out More

All custom wording on a stop sign shape sign doesn’t have to be a stern warning. Informative and directive type messages will catch someone’s attention on an octagon shaped sign, especially in red. “STOP, Please Wait Until Gate Closes” is an informative message to an individual that has been a popular sign choice.

Custom Stop Signage from are Manufactured from Quality Materials

Since we have years of experience manufacturing all sorts of signage, we provide a guarantee that none of our competitors can match. Not only are our products less expensive in comparison to other brands, but ours will last for at least seven years without fading or rusting. This is due to the fact that our aluminum is rust-resistant and helps the signage endure the elements without corroding. Our company uses professional-grade, heavy-duty aluminum to make our custom signs, and as a result, they are highly durable and will last for years while making a great impression. Along with all of this, we use 3M reflective sheeting to ensure that the signs are readable even in the dark and inclement weather and let us not forget the 3M fade-proof inks that endure the full seven years without lightening in color. Also, you can increase the lifespan of these signs by requesting the addition of 3M Protective Overlay Film or as it is better known POF.