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Handicap Parking - State Signs

We Make Federal and State Handicap Parking Signs

When it comes to handicap access and accessible spaces, there are regulations in your state that govern which Handicap Parking Signs need to be clearly displayed to point the way for disabled drivers. People living with disabilities need accessible parking — and mandated ADA parking signage ensures they have it. In addition to federal handicap parking sign requirements laid out in the Americans with Disabilities Act, states also have their own standards. While some states just follow the basic guidelines set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA for short, other states have their own special designs for disabled signage or ADA reserved parking signs that they require — and our sign company makes all of them in-house for fast shipping.

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Who Must Display ADA Parking Signage?

Any property open to the public must post ADA signage. The same goes for placards required by state laws. States have codes and laws that dictate the size of the sign displayed, the measurements of the design elements, phrasing and colors used for their state specific handicap signage. Property owners must comply with their state’s regulations and install the appropriate handicap signage for their parking lots, parking garages and/or any disabled guide signs needed throughout the exterior of the building. What happens if you don’t comply? Huge fines will likely land in your lap, costing your business thousands of dollars. Lawsuits are also a possibility if your property is not in compliance with ADA regulations. You would be surprised how many lawsuits are filed and won under these circumstances.

State Disabled Parking Sign Requirements

State disabled parking sign standards sometimes differ from federal requirements. For example, the ADA only requires parties to mark accessible parking spots clearly. But state handicap parking signs may need additional information, like whether or not a given space is van-accessible or the amount you’ll pay for violations. Local laws may even require specific instructions, like “Parking Allowed Only With a Disabled Parking Permit.”

Get the Right ADA Reserved and Handicapped Parking Signs

Federal and state laws dictate the colors, phrasing, size, and design of parking signage, but additional standards may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. For example, New York allows businesses to use various placards so long as they get the point across, whereas California is very strict about exact signage standards.

The Universal Disable Parking Pictogram

While states may mandate different wording on disabled parking signage, the R7-8 pictogram — a line-drawing of a person in a wheelchair on a blue background — is universal.

Quality Parking Signs at Reasonable Rates is your one-stop-shop for all disabled parking signage needs. Whether you’re in the market for a federal handicap parking sign or state ones, we’ve got you covered. All of our placards are:
  • Compliant with federal and state standards
  • Made with heavy-duty aluminum
  • Outfitted with reflective 3M sheeting
  • Fade-resistant for up to seven years
  • Rust proof and resistant to corrosion
  • Equipped with easy-mounting features, including pre-drilled holes

For ultra long-lasting signs, opt for a protective overlay, which can double the lifespan of your signage. Not only does it protect against natural sun and weather damage, but it allows you to remove graffiti and vandalism easily.

We, the team at, understand the importance of having the right signs at the right times. As such, we keep an inventory of state-mandated and ADA signage in stock at all times and can ship it out fast! We also make custom signs. Our rates are reasonable and the quality superb. Order today!

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