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Handicap Parking - State Signs

We Provide State Handicap Parking Signs for Your State

You may or may not be aware that there are regulations in your state that govern which Handicap Parking Signs need to be clearly displayed to point the way for disabled drivers. While some states just follow the basic guidelines set for the Americans with Disabilities Act or the ADA, other states have their own special designs for Disabled Signage or ADA Reserved Parking signs that they require. Property owners of buildings that are open to the public who fail to comply with their state’s regulations for disabled parking signs can face fines and possibly lawsuits in certain cases.

Remember that in addition to displaying the right Disabled Parking Signage, certain states mandate special signage for the handicapped spaces that are suitable for van accessible areas. These signs usually will have the wording ‘Van Accessible’ on them. There are also states that mandate the displaying of the fee or fine that violators will pay while California and other states require that property owners of public buildings display an explanatory placard. At times, a state disabled parking sign with the message ‘Parking Allowed Only with a Disabled Parking Permit’ or other similar message is the law.

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Be Certain to Buy the Correct State Handicapped Parking Signs or ADA Reserved Parking Signs

States have codes and laws that dictate the size of the signboard, the design elements, phrasing and colors used for their Handicap Signage. While New York State accepts out-of-state handicapped placards and permits, this is not true in other states. In particular, the state of California has set stricter regulations for its state’s ADA signage regulations. Disabled sign laws for California were updated back in 2008 and all regulatory sign displays are in stock and readily available from our company for fast shipping.

Every State ADA Parking Sign Contains a Universally Recognized Pictogram

States that do not design their own Handicap Parking Signage dictate that the R7-8 federally mandated disabled parking sign be posted by property owners of public buildings. Even with the fact that numerous states choose to mandate unique versions of the state disabled parking signs, their signage only differs in the wording and basic design. All of the states understand that these signs need to be easy to recognize and therefore, include the universally recognized pictogram of a wheelchair on it along with their message.

We Manufacture Our Signs Using High-End Materials and Premium-quality manufacturing processes

STOPSignsAndMore constructs our Handicap Sign designs with rustproof, heavy-duty aluminum and reflective sheeting from 3M. The surface of the sheet aluminum is cleaned, deoxidized, and coated with a light and tightly adherent chromate conversion coating, free of powdery residue. We use 5052-H38 sheet aluminum in .063 or .080 gauges pre-treated in accordance to ASTM Designation: B449. All of our Aluminum signage come ready for mounting, with pre-drilled holes at the top and bottom for easy installation.

We also install federally approved fonts using high quality 3M reflective materials and 3M fade-resistant inks. All of our signage offerings are rated by 3M to last for up to seven years without any fading. To increase the lifespan of your signage, you can request that we add the 3M Protective Overlay Film (POF). With this film, you can DOUBLE the lifespan of your signs up to 14 years. Our 3M protective overlay film protects sign faces against fading caused by the sun and other harsh weather conditions. The Protective Overlay Film (POF) also helps you to remove graffiti, paint or other markings of vandalism easier without the necessity of abrasive cleaners or devices.

STOPSignsAndMore fully understands the importance of posting a durable Handicap Parking Sign. We are committed to producing for you the highest quality signage at affordable prices guaranteed to make a great first impression. Browse through our selection below to discover the ones that will best suit your location. Contact us via email at [email protected] or by calling (888) 931-1793 if you require any additional information or if you would like to place your order over the phone.