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New York ADA Disabled and Handicapped Parking Signs

New York State's Disabled and Handicap Parking Signage Regulations

People are not always aware of their state’s regulations on the posting of Handicap Parking Signs in a clear fashion to guide disabled drivers to the appropriate parking spaces. While certain states choose to adhere to the rules and specifications set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA, other states enact their own laws to govern the display of the handicap parking signs, Active Wheelchair Symbol options or other ADA disabled signage. Owners of any kind of public building or venue who do not comply with their own state’s laws about posting these signs might face lawsuits and/or expensive fines. On top of displaying the correct handicapped parking signs to denote the disabled spaces, some states, such as New York, dictate that special signs for these spaces need to contain a current ISA symbol of a figure in a wheelchair. The New York ADA Disabled Signs will have messages similar to ‘Van Accessible’ or ‘Reserved Parking’ on them.

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New York State Updates Its Disabled Symbol With the Active Wheelchair Symbol

The original handicap symbol used in older handicap parking signage has been in existence for over 45 years, and now, New York has redesigned it for its state. Its innovative design is more engaging and noticeable than the old one. Today, this state requires that all new Handicap Parking Signs contain this icon and replace the words of ‘handicapped’ and ‘disabled’ with the word ‘accessible’ for another update on the state’s regulations. provides the most current designs to comply with this state’s regulations on its New York ADA Disabled Signs and active wheelchair icons.

Details About New York’s Active Wheelchair Icon

New York authorities thought that the original ISA wheelchair symbol used in Handicap Parking Sings no longer represented people with handicaps and that it was time for a fresh design that depicts an active lifestyle rather than an inactive one. While there have been many updates to this symbol over the years in regards to handicap parking, including one with another person pushing an individual in a wheelchair, none satisfied New York’s view on what a modern one should contain. In the following, you will learn additional information about this innovative Active Wheelchair Symbol and it’s design philosophies:

  • The Position of the Head: The head is facing forward to exhibit that the person is traveling in a forward motion through space. Also, this shows that the handicapped person is in control of his or her mobility.

  • The Arm Angle Position: The arm is pointing backwards to depict the energetic mobility of the user of the wheelchair, whether he or she can use his or her arms. Showing a disabled body in this manner is symbolic of the active status of the handicapped individuals of today.

  • The Position of the Leg: The anticipation of forward movement is depicted on the symbol with a raised leg position. It is positioned a bit ahead of the wheel to provide highly visible readability for handicap parking signage and also provides a crisp look to the icon in print or stencil form.

  • Wheel Cutouts: The angled white knockouts of the symbol are to show that the wheel on the chair is in motion. As with the leg position, these come through clearly even in stencil form.

Our Company Manufactures Any of Our Styles of New York ADA Disabled Signage With Durable Materials

We construct our Handicap Parking Signs with rustproof, highly resilient aluminum and reflective sheeting by 3M. Also, for the Active Wheelchair Symbols and the federally approved fonts on the signs, we use 3M fade-resistant inks. Our signage options last for about seven years fade-free due to these efforts on our part. Add a coating of 3M’s Protective Overlay Film to extend the lifespan of up to 14 years since it allows you to remove paint, graffiti, and other vandalism marks in a non-abrasive manner. fully comprehends the importance of using quality, durable New York ADA Disabled Signs, Handicap Parking Signage and active wheelchair icons to comply with New York State’s current ADA regulations. Browse through our company’s assortment of choices to discover the ones that will fit your needs the best. Contact our company if you need any other information or to place an order.

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