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Portable Posts and Sign Stands

Portable Posts and Sign Stands Make Displaying Things Easy

Portable sign stands make foot traffic control at events — including concerts, mass dining events, voting days, and chance auctions — much more manageable. When you have the responsibility of coordinating the events for your organization, the task of displaying temporary signage for controlling pedestrian and vehicular traffic is made easy with our Portable Posts and Sign Stands. Our company,, has many moveable sign posts and A-frames that get the job done. We pride ourselves on making portable sign posts and placards that are fabricated with quality components which are long lasting and affordable.

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Light or Heavy Base: Which Is Moveable Sign Base Is Best for You?

We stock both lightweight and heavyweight bases for our sign stands. Lighter options weigh about 20 pounds, and heavier ones tip the scales at 70 pounds. Forty-pound models are also available.

Heavy Portable Sign Bases: Typically, heavyweight bases work best outside because the added heft prevents wind from knocking them over. Note that our 70-pound model can withstand natural elements for months on end without issue or degradation. As such, some customers use them as permanent sign bases.

Lightweight Portable Sign Bases: Indoor temporary placards usually do fine with a light- or medium-weighed option in the 20- to 40-pound range.

A-frames: Many event coordinators prefer A-frame signs — also known as sandwich boards — and we stock several models.

Quality Portable Sign Posts and Portable Sign Stands at Great Prices

Regardless of whether you select our 20-pound or 40-pound model of movable sign stands or posts along with bases, you will be receiving a durable product with a cast-iron base. In addition, we provide you with the necessary hardware to ensure that your entire unit works effectively for years to come. Thanks to their sturdy base, they will not fall over in heavy wind or other types of weather occurrences. You can rely on them to perform optimally for this reason. We also offer a 70-pound rubber Movable Sign Base that also stands up well to the outdoor elements and at times, is used as a permanent stop sign for a parking lot instead of a temporary one just for one example.

Need Traffic Cones?

Traffic cones are another effective way to cordon off areas and direct vehicular traffic. We carry various options, and several models come with 3M’s high-intensity prismatic collar for nighttime visibility.

Standalone Mobile Signage Holders Are Customizable to Suit Your Unique Specifications

All of our sign stands and movable sign posts are customizable. Alter the hues to match your brand or school colors! Emblazon your company name, logo, or motto across the post. If you want specialized signs made to fit on top of the portable stands, we do that too!

Check out our catalog of portable sign posts and stands below. If you’re comfortable ordering online, simply click on the item and purchase immediately. If you have questions and would rather speak with a representative, call us today at 888-931-1793 or email us at [email protected].