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Camera-Video Security Signs

Post Security Camera Signs to Alert Others to the Presence of a Video Surveillance System

In addition to your CCTV security system, you should display Security Camera Signs to increase its effectiveness in preventing theft, loitering, vandalism or other illegal acts. When you take strong security measures with this type of system along with posting Video Surveillance Signage, you warn others not to approach your property for unlawful reasons for only a small investment. Usually, a message on this type of Security Notice Sign will state a message similar to ‘UNDER 24-HOUR VIDEO SURVEILLANCE’ or ‘24-HOUR VIDEO SURVEILLANCE’.

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Posting Any Type of Security Notice Sign in Conjunction with Your CCTV System Will Deter Unwanted Intruders

Displaying Video Surveillance Signage is a cost-effective, successful way to prevent vandalism, theft, loitering and other crimes taking place on your property or in your home or building. After all, unsavory individuals do not wish their illegal activities captured on video and will target those properties without any type of security camera signage posted on them. They understand that a video of their illegal actions is enough proof to convict them in a court of law.

You Can Save Money on Property Insurance by Displaying Security Camera or Video Surveillance Signs

Installing CCTV and alarm systems along with posting pertinent signage decreases the risk of criminal activity, such as burglary, from taking place on your property, and the insurance companies have statistics to prove this fact. For this reason, you will receive discounts on your premiums on your property insurance by taking these actions.

Security Camera Signs From Our Company Are Manufactured From Durable Materials

Here at, we use heavy-duty, superior-grade aluminum to manufacture all of our Video Surveillance Signage to ensure that they last for at least seven years. We can state this fact since the aluminum is resistant to rust, which keeps the signs from deteriorating with exposure to the elements. On top of this, we use only 3M fade-proof inks for durability and 3M reflective sheeting to ensure that all our signs are highly visible in bad weather or in the evening hours. Due to the combination of our materials, our signage lasts for a minimum of seven years without fading or deteriorating. You can customize your signs to increase their lifespan up to 14 years by requesting us to add the Protective Overlay Film or the POF by 3M, which helps you remove graffiti and other marks of vandalism without abrasives.

We also provide stock and custom versions of our Security Camera Signs in English, Spanish and bilingual styles to ensure that we meet your needs for your property. Our company strives daily to produce the best signs possible at affordable prices to meet or exceed the needs of our customers. Browse through our extensive selection of CCTV security signs to view for yourself what type of signs that we will provide you. We ship your order as quickly as we can, but you need to remember that custom orders require additional time. Contact us directly if you have any questions, require a quote or prefer to place your order over the phone.