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CCTV Security Signs

Alert Pedestrians and Drivers That They Are on Camera With CCTV Security Signs

Due to technological advances in digital equipment, organizations, government administrations, storage companies, medical facilities, educational institutions, numerous businesses and other venues can protect their investments with the latest in CCTV security systems. When you use one of these systems to protect your property, you should also post inexpensive, highly effective closed-circuit television or CCTV Security Signs to alert people to the fact that they are on camera. Statistics prove that the use of Video Camera Surveillance Signage or CCTV Warning Signs along with the systems are potent crime deterrents so much so that they are used by military personnel, security officials and police officers and other types of law enforcement agencies to ward off possible criminal activity.

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CCTV Security Signs Provide Effective Protection for Companies and Other Venues

Unlike years ago, high-tech surveillance systems are extremely cost-effective today to the point where small businesses to mega corporations can afford to use them. Along with businesses, these systems are used by parks, recreation areas, schools, youth community centers and a wide array of other locations. On top of using security equipment, your location should post Video Surveillance Warning Signs to broadcast to would-be intruders that they are being watched and monitored on camera. The combination of the two is typically enough to deter the criminals for performing their unlawful acts on your property. Video Camera Surveillance Signage has been proven to decrease the risk of many different crimes ranging from simple loitering to burglary.

Select Closed-circuit Television Warning Signs From Our Stock Options or Customize Unique Ones

Even though we offer standard versions in the CCTV Security Signs and Video Camera Surveillance Signage, there are numerous ways to customize your signs to add your unique messages to them. Popular phrases for these products are ‘Under CCTV Surveillance 24/7’ or ‘This Property Is Protected 24/7 by Video Surveillance and Alarm’ or another serious phrase. If you are like some of our clients, though, you may prefer the more humorous approach of ‘Smile! You’re on CCTV Camera’ or you can choose your own casual message. Whatever choice you make, you should also know that many states mandate the posting of highly visible Closed-circuit television signage when you have a CCTV security system watching over your property.