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CCTV Security Signs

Let Passersby Know They Are Being Watched with CCTV Signs

Thanks to advances in digital technology and equipment, businesses, organizations and government administrations of every size and shape can take advantage of high level security systems to protect their investments. CCTV signs -- closed-circuit television signs – are an inexpensive yet highly effective way to let people know they are being watched. A Video surveillance sign, or CCTV in operation sign, are a proven crime deterrent used for years by police officers, security officials, military personnel and others in law enforcement to protect against possible criminal threats.

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A Posted CCTV Sign Offers Protection for Every Business

Today this high tech surveillance equipment is more affordable and available to almost everyone from a mom-and-pop convenient store owner to the operator of a high-end luxury goods boutique shop. More than businesses, such security devices can be found outside of schools, parks and recreation areas, youth community centers and more. In addition to operating the security equipment, a CCTV warning sign informs any would-be offenders or thieves that they are being monitored and watched. More often than not, these potential criminals will move on to a different site to check out to commit their criminal act. CCTV camera signs have been shown to deter a wide range of potential threats from low level loitering and vandalism to more serious theft and burglary.

Customize Your CCTV Warning Sign or Choose from Our Popular Selection

Such CCTV warning signs are available in a range of customizable displays, and customers can add their own unique phrasings. They can also choose from a wide array of more than 10 standard CCTV camera signs commonly used to warn onlookers of surveillance gear in use. Common phrasings of these CCTV warning signs include “This Home (or Business or Property) Protected 24 Hours by Alarm and Video Surveillance,” or more simply “Under CCTV Surveillance 24 Hours.” Customers can choose from more humorous signs as well such as ones that say “Smile! You're On Our CCTV security cameras.” Whichever option you choose, it is worth mention that posting a clearly visible CCTV in operation sign is required by law in many states if you are actively using such equipment.