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Outdoor Restroom Signs

Install Only Quality Restroom Guide Signage for Lasting Results

Our company sells a wide assortment of Restroom Guide Signage that complies with any relevant ADA regulations, including those dealing with Grade-2 Braille and tactile text. Also, if you need non-ADA Outdoor Restroom Signage, we also provide these in durable aluminum. You should never display acrylic signage outdoors since it will not hold up to the elements. On the other hand, aluminum is rust-resistant and durable enough to stand up to environmental conditions for years, and it is affordable even for those entities on tight budgets. In addition to all this, we add engineer-grade, 3M prismatic vinyl to provide our outdoor bathroom signage with superior reflectivity. Upon request, you can receive an added layer of protection with 3M Protective Overlay Film or POF that helps the signs stand up to graffiti and other signs of vandalism without the need of abrasive removal methods.

Read More Sells Wayfinding Public Restroom Sign Options for Outdoor Use

With the help of our sign selection, there is no need to skimp on where you post Restroom Guide Signage options or Accessible Restroom Signs outdoors. We not only offer the options for the entrances of bathrooms, but we also provide wayfinding ones to show your visitors or customers the way by installing signs that contain straight, right or left arrows to point the direction that they need to travel. Your can choose from a various pictograms, including those for women, men, unisex, gender neutral and the ISA symbol. Even though our webpage show only the blue and white versions of our signs, you can also purchase the Outdoor Restroom Signs in green, brown and black. You can choose the color that matches your décor scheme for your outdoor bathrooms. Also, we will customize your signs’ message and other characteristics. Check out our page for custom rectangular signs for further information on this benefit.

Our Company Uses Only the Best Materials and Techniques When Manufacturing our Outdoor Public Restroom Sign Options

Although we have touched on this briefly earlier, we will now give more in-depth details about the construction of our outdoor Restroom Guide Signage and Accessible Restroom Signs. We start with heavy-duty, rust-resistant 5052-H38 sheet aluminum that is either .063 or .080 gauge. The aluminum is first cleaned and deoxidized before we coat it lightly with a tightly adherent chromate conversion substance that is free of any powdery residue. At this point, we add 3M reflective sheeting to ensure that the signboards are visible all throughout the day and night and in inclement weather.

Along with all the above, we use only federally approved fonts and fade-resistant inks by 3M. As a result of our efforts, our Public Restroom Sign options last for a minimum of seven years with no fading whatsoever. If you request the POF that we mentioned in the first paragraph, you can increase your signs’ lifespan up to 14 years. To assist you with mounting, we pre-drill holes in the top and bottom of each sign.

Our company understands your need for displaying durable Outdoor Restroom Signs or our other restroom-themed signage options. That is why we strive all throughout the year to manufacture the highest quality signage in such a way that they are attractive as well as informative. In addition, our sign displays are cost-effective even for those on a limited budget. Feel free to browse through the following assortment to learn which ones best suit your situation. Contact us if you have any questions or would prefer to place an order directly.