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Custom Street Name Signs

Clearly Mark a Street with a Customized Street Name Sign

Local authorities or contractors mark each street throughout the city that is not a highway or expressway with a customized street name sign. Officials place these signs strategically at intersections with other streets along the full distance of the street. In fact, each street at the intersection will contain one of these road name signs.

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Where Authorities Mount Street Name Signage

Contractors and local authorities mount road name signs on signposts, utility poles or wires that are overhead at intersections such as those that contain traffic lights. Since all mounting locations are high enough up in the air to be visible, drivers will not miss their intended streets, and this enables them to traverse through the cities with ease. A street name sign will contain the name of the street and possibly the range of house numbers on it.

Custom Order Your Street or Road Name Signs

We allow you to custom order whatever type of street name sign that you require to identify your local street or streets. Our custom road name signs come in both 6-inch and 9-inch styles. Each one of these styles also provides you the choice of a flat or an extruded blade along with 3M Engineer-Grade Prismatic and High-Intensity Prismatic for reflectivity. Upon special request, we will even include Diamond-Grade Prismatic for the brightest reflectivity for an additional fee. In addition, we offer a variety of color combinations for the background and text, such as white letters on a green background, blue letters on white background, and all choices are in accordance with the specifications in the MUTCD. For extra protection from exposure to UV rays, sun and graffiti, ask us to add a layer of 3M Protective Overlay Film to all your signs. Certain areas of the country today may require multilingual signage to identify the streets or roads. We will add both English and the other language to the sign upon request. You are in charge of the street name and the other details that we include on your specific street name sign. If you do not see a feature that you need on our page of customized road name signs, please ask, and we will make every effort to accommodate you.

Our Hardware Choices

We also provide mounting hardware choices for our name signs for streets to fit a variety of needs. Single-sign brackets come in both square and round posts along with an extended-length version. Two crosspiece brackets are available to mount two signs with one above the other one in regular and extended lengths. In addition, we provide a cantilever arm bracket that is compatible with both extruded and flat road name signs.

The Features That We Include in Each Street Name Sign

Each of our road name signs is constructed with heavy-gauge, rust-free aluminum as a base. To this base, we add 3M reflective sheeting in your choice of Engineer-Grade or High-Intensity Grade Prismatic, and for an additional fee, we will include the Diamond-Grade Prismatic for the brightest reflectivity on the market today. The typeset on each street name sign is the official fonts of the Federal Highway Administration. Our name signs for streets will last for at least seven years and longer if you choose to add the 3M Protective Overlay Film or POF. The POF enables you to remove graffiti easily, and it also provides additional protection from sunlight, rain, snow and other weather elements. Browse through our options on this page to learn which option fits your needs.