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Round Sign Posts

Round sign posts are commonly used in various outdoor settings to mount signs, providing a sturdy and durable solution for displaying important information. These posts, typically made of metal, are designed with a circular cross-section and come in different diameters, with the most common being 2-3/8 inches. To secure signs to these round posts, specific sign hardware is required, such as U-clamp sign hardware and snap-lok worm clamp sign mounting kits. Read More

U-clamp sign hardware is specifically designed for 2-3/8" diameter round posts. It consists of a U-clamp that wraps around the post and provides a secure attachment point for the sign. This hardware typically includes nuts and bolts for tightening and securing the U-clamp around the post, ensuring a tight and stable fit.

Another type of sign mounting kit commonly used with large poles is the snap-lok worm clamp. This kit is suitable for mounting signs on round posts of various sizes. The snap-lok worm clamp features a worm gear mechanism that allows for easy adjustment and tightening around the post. It ensures a secure and reliable attachment for signs, even on larger diameter poles.

Sign mounting brackets and hardware are essential components when installing signs on round posts. These brackets are designed to hold the sign securely in place and provide stability against wind and other external forces. They are typically made of sturdy materials, such as metal, to withstand outdoor conditions and ensure long-lasting performance.

When installing signs on round posts, it's crucial to have the necessary hardware, such as nuts and bolts, to properly secure the brackets and clamps. Nuts and bolts are used to tighten the various components together, ensuring a tight and secure fit between the sign, brackets, and the post.

In summary, round sign posts offer a reliable and robust solution for mounting signs in outdoor environments. U-clamp sign hardware and snap-lok worm clamp sign mounting kits are specifically designed to securely attach signs to round posts, while sign mounting brackets and hardware provide stability and durability. With the appropriate hardware, including worm clamps, U-bolts, nuts, and bolts, signs can be effectively and securely mounted on round posts, ensuring visibility and safety in various settings.