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ADA Sign Kits

Take the guess work out of the ADA Signs required

Let take the guess work out of the ADA Signs required for your business with our sign kits. The ADA compliant signs required by both California Title 24 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) are conveniently grouped together. If you have a Men’s, Women’s or Unisex restroom, our kits have everything required to be compliant and pass inspection.

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Several Kits Available:

Restroom Sign Kits

Men’s, Women’s and Unisex sign kits provide the signs required for each restroom. We offer bathroom ADA signs with and without the wheelchair symbol. The wall signs are compliant with 1/32” raised tactile text and pictograms. Additionally all our signs use compliant Grade 2 braille. The door signs are NOT required to have braille because federal law states braille shall not be position within the swing of a door. Our restroom signs are supplied with double faced tape. Since the door signs are ¼” thick-the unisex door sign has two ¼” pieces- silicone or fasteners are suggested. The door and wall signs are required to be installed 60” from the floor to the center of the sign. To be compliant both the restroom wall and door signs must be installed.