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Flexible Sign Posts

Make Your Parking Lot Safer By Installing Flexible Sign Posts

Today, shopping centers across the country are safer thanks to the innovative Flexible Sign Posts and Bollard Poles since they reduce hazards and damage significantly. The reason for this is that their flexibility allows them to withstand and absorb the force of impact that normally results in vehicle or pole destruction when standard poles are installed. Statistics show that over 20 percent of standard poles need replacing each year because of vehicles damaging them. Property owners can easily avoid this expensive issue by using parking poles or bollard posts that are flexible. Another benefit of these durable posts is the fact that they are easy to mount and install on asphalt, natural ground and concrete surfaces without the need of special tools.

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Our Surface Mount Sign Posts Are Built to Last and Easy to Install

Among the variety of parking poles our surface-mount flexible sign post is one of the best available. Not only does it feature high-quality material and innovative design but it can also be installed in a matter of minutes. Since the Signage Poles and Flexible Bollard Sign Posts are so easy to install, they are ideal to use in a wide assortment of locations. An example of a location that requires the installation of a variety of signs is the various educational facilities across this country. They not only need Handicap Signage in parking lots for the handicap and faculty, but they also require the posting of other signs throughout the campus. However, installing the necessary signs can be tricky when the parking spots or other locations are not located next to a wall or a building. The best solution for this issue is the Surface Mount Sign Posts.

Prevent the Headache of Replacement Costs By Using Our Highly Durable Sign Posts

The parking lots of shopping malls and centers can be chaotic and dangerous places where Way-finding Signage is crucial for traffic control. Mistakes can happen easily since these vehicle areas are often crowded with people and all this can lead to car wrecks, destruction of property and injuries due to careless driving. Our Flexible Poles and Bollards are manufactured using highly durable materials which can withstand multiple car collision impacts. Using our reliable product helps to solve a very expensive issue endemic to parking lots and structures everywhere. Every year parking lot signs and posts must be replaced due to harm caused from reckless motorists and other sources. However this highly durable flexible post reduces that problem significantly by eliminating the harm done to concrete surfaces and adjacent structures all while protecting the vehicles from unnecessary damage. Property Owners can prevent these problems and save big by using our Flexible Bollards, Sign Poles or Surface Mount Posts in their parking lot areas.

Multiple Uses For A Wide Variety of Locations

City, county and federal governments are responsible for a wide assortment of public areas, such as parks, municipal parking lots and more. Airports are another example of massive infrastructures that have the same responsibility. All of these infrastructures need a high level of designation and organization along with the implementation of safety measures to protect the people who use their facilities, carports and other locations each day. Flexible Sign Posts are also the answer in these settings to create safer parking lots and other areas to reduce the risk of vehicle damage, property damage and pedestrian injuries.

Turn to for your supply of Flexible Bollard, Surface Mount or Parking Posts since we provide various styles for your consideration. Also, you can purchase any hardware and signs that are necessary to fulfill your complete needs. All of our products are high quality and durable.