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Flexible Sign Posts

Flexible sign posts and bollards represent an innovative solution for parking lots everywhere, making them safer by significantly reducing damage and other hazards. Because these parking posts are flexible they can absorb and withstand impact that would normally cause damage to vehicles or the structure itself. In fact, over 20 percent of sign posts must be replaced each year due to damage caused by vehicles, an expensive problem which is easily resolved by a flexible sign post. These flexible post can be easily installed and mounted to Concrete, Asphalt, and Natural Ground surfaces without any special tools required.

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As you can see, Flexible signposts and parking bollards are extremely practical for a wide variety of locations. Schools and Universities both have a need for an assortment of signs throughout campus and parking lots, including handicap, faculty and parking signage. Unfortunately, this can raise many issues if parking areas are not located adjacent to a wall or building. Flexible surface mounted sign posts present a comprehensive solution to all these problems and more.

Furthermore, Shopping Centers and Mall parking lots can often be very dangerous and chaotic. With very wide parking areas crowded with people and cars injuries and damage are inevitable as careless mistakes by drivers and pedestrians are bound to happen. However flexible signposts are able to prevent common damage by protecting parking lots from reckless or even careless driving.

Governments and Airports are the largest infrastructures in the country. Governments are responsible for managing a wide variety of public areas including municipal parking lots, parks and even Airport parking seeing more than 40,000 visitors a year. Accordingly, this massive government oversight requires a tremendous level of organization and designation, but also safety measures aimed at protecting the citizens that use these services. Fortunately, these flexible sign posts are a giant step forward in making these parking areas safer by reducing injury and damage to vehicles and parking lots as well.