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ADA Brushed Aluminum Restroom Signs

Display ADA Brushed Aluminum Restroom Signs to Comply With All Pertinent Regulations in an Attractive Fashion

Regardless of their purpose for being in your building, people, who stay long enough, will be in search of a bathroom to take care of their personal needs. To ensure that they locate this room easily, the Americans with Disability Act or the ADA mandates that property owners purchase and display ADA Bathroom Signage options, such as the ADA Brushed Aluminum Restroom Signs and other Disabled Restroom Signage that comply with all of the act’s regulations for public buildings.

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Our ADA Brushed Aluminum Restroom Signs Comply With All ADA Rules

While any style of regulation ADA Restroom Sign options will comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, owners of high-end retail stores, entertainment venues, hotels, resorts and more, often prefer Brushed Aluminum Sign Displays since they are attractive as well as functional and compliant. Luckily, our company of offers both brushed aluminum ADA restroom signs as well as stock-style Disabled Restroom Signage, so that we can serve the needs of all property owners. You even can purchase brushed aluminum Braille bathroom signs from us.

We Also Provide Eye-Catching Gender-Neutral ADA Bathroom Signage Options for Your Consideration

Today, there is a need for ADA Bathroom Signage models that are gender neutral in style to address the lifestyles of a broader range of individuals. We can convert any of our Handicap Restroom Sign models to suit this purpose, including our Brushed Aluminum Sign Displays and restroom signage. California is an example of a state that has passed a law that mandates that a single-use bathroom should be available to any gender. This law is AB 1732. Our company designs and manufactures brushed aluminum gender-neutral signs with an assortment of messages and or pictograms that broadcast that the restroom is for all genders.

You Can Purchase Any Amount of Our Brushed Aluminum Signage Options

Our company firmly believes in providing high-quality signage, and our ADA Brushed Aluminum Restroom Signs are prime examples of this commitment. We appreciate the fact that an owner of a luxury establishment needs every sign to be as attractive as the rest of the décor elements are in order to maintain the rich ambiance of it. As a result, all of our Handicap Restroom Sign options in brushed aluminum will not only meet but even exceed your expectations of excellence. Along with this, you can order just one sign or hundreds of them.

Dimensions of Brushed Aluminum ADA Bathroom Signs

Our rectangular men and women bathroom signs are six inches x eight inches in size and come with or without a wheelchair pictogram. We also offer a circular women’s version that measure 12 inches by 12 inches with or without a handicap marker. For the men’s bathrooms, we provide a triangular option that is 12 inches x 12 inches and comes with or without a handicap identifier. To point out the gender-neutral or unisex bathrooms, we offer a triangle within a circle version. offers a standalone wheelchair symbol on top of our other sign options that we mention here.

If stock brushed aluminum ADA restroom signs do not suit your needs, you can request customization of your order. We will design your brushed aluminum Disabled Restroom Signs according to your preferences while ensuring that they still comply with all Americans with Disabilities Act regulations.