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ADA Brushed Aluminum Restroom Signs

Order Brushed Aluminum ADA Bathroom Signage for Your High-End Property

As a one-time visitor or regular occupant, if you stay in a building long enough, the question of “where’s the restroom?” is bound to pop into your head. To make finding the correct restroom a relatively easy task for everyone, the ADA requires building owners to buy bathroom signage and furnish appropriate and compliant signage for all public buildings.

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Our Brushed Aluminum ADA Restroom Signage Meets Compliance Standards

Yet for those individuals who manage and operate a luxury-end property such as a hotel, retail shop, resort, entertainment venue and more, having an attractive sign is almost as essential as having a compliant sign. Fortunately at, you no longer have to choose between functional sign and decorative sign. All of our brushed aluminum ADA bathroom signage, including brushed aluminum braille restroom signs, are as attractive as they are useful.

Attractive Gender Neutral Restroom Signs Available

Throughout the country, those restrooms requiring ADA compliant signage now are being converted to gender neutral restrooms. We now offer attractive brushed aluminum gender neutral wall and door sign displays. California created a new law, AB 1732, that require single use restroom be available to all genders. STOP Signs and More offers brushed aluminum gender neutral signage with a variety or pictograms that convey that the bathroom is available for any gender. Browse our selection of compliant brushed aluminum ADA signage.

Order a Brushed Aluminum Sign in Bulk or Individually

We believe firmly in quality design and communications, and our brushed aluminum ADA bathroom signs are the result of this belief. We understand and appreciate that as the manager of a five-star hotel, for instance, you want every fixture and wall hanging in your building to have a stately, debonair appearance. We think that our brushed aluminum ADA bathroom signage will meet or exceed your standards of excellence.

    • Six- by eight-inch, rectangular women and men restroom signs, both with and without designated wheelchair pictogram
    • Circular 12- by 12-inch women restroom signs (with or without disabled marker)
    • Triangular 12- by 12-inch men restroom signs (with or without disabled identifier)
    • Standalone wheelchair symbol (the recognized disabled identifier)
    • Triangle within circle used for unisex or gender neutral bathrooms

Per your request, brushed aluminum disabled signs can be customized to meet your individual needs, including company logo or specific text.