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Turn Limit Signs

Turn Prohibition Signs Help Control Traffic

In the early 1920’s, officials standardized road signage across the country to ensure people could drive from coast to coast and recognize the rules of the road. Turn prohibition signage plays a key role in maintaining safety on the road for motorists. Even the most experienced drivers don't always know where they're going. It is important to note that any regulation placards with a red circle and slash symbol indicate that you are prohibited from taking that designated action. People need no turning restriction signage to help them get where they’re going and avoid accidents. Without them, we’d be colliding with each other at unimaginable rates. Driving would be more hazardous than smoking!

We’ve got you covered if you’re in the market for a no left turn sign, a no left turn symbol sign, or any other no turning restriction signage! Our company STOPSignsAndMore has all the standard limited turning signs in stock — and we also make customized ones that would fit for your particular needs. Whether you need one or 1,000, we’re your source for affordable, quality signage.

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Types of Turning Prohibition Signs

What do no-turn placards look like? Traffic prohibition signs have white backgrounds, red circles, and slash symbols. If a particular action is prohibited, a symbol representing it appears in the center of the circle, underneath the slash.

Turn prohibition signage you’ll see most often on the road include:

  • No left turn symbol sign
  • No right turn on red sign
  • Do not enter sign
  • Right turn only sign
  • No u-turn signage

Placing Turn Limit Signs

Placing turning limit signage must be done with precision. Mounting them too far away from the spot causes confusion. Moreover, turning limit signs that are too low are also a problem. Most turn prohibition signs are displayed at intersections, near traffic lights, around parking lots, and on local streets. Local, state, and federal placard placement regulations may apply. So before putting any up, be sure to check with the local municipal authority. Furthermore, always consider how traffic flow will be affected from all directions. Correct application of turn restriction sign displays may reduce the frequency of pedestrian injuries and the frequency of transit-involved motor vehicle accidents.

We Will Fulfill All Your Turn Restriction Signage Needs has a wide variety of limited turning signs in stock. All of our products are made with top-quality, heavy-duty aluminum, and we use top-of-the-line 3M coating and reflective accessories to ensure they’re easy to spot, day or night. Plus, all of our placards come ready for mounting, with pre-drilled holes at the top and bottom vertically centered on the sign, making installation a snap. All of our fonts comply with federal regulations and are printed with fade-resistant inks. If you are looking for something more specialized and not listed on our site, we also offer options to create customized turn limit signage specific to your needs.

Turn Prohibition Signs Guaranteed To Last

All of our limited turning signs are guaranteed to last seven years without fading. Moreover, you can increase the lifespan of your placards by opting for the 3M Protective Overlay Film (POF) upgrade, which doubles a sign’s lifespan to 14 years. Another great thing about the POF coating is that it helps in the fight against graffiti. Instead of breaking out abrasive cleaners or expensive devices to remove it, paint and other markings come off with just a bit of soap and water.

Whether you need a no left turn sign or some other no turning restriction placard, we’re committed to making the highest quality products at affordable prices. Browse through our selection below. If you have questions or concerns, get in touch via email at [email protected] or call (888) 931-1793. One of our knowledgeable and friendly staff members will walk you through the process and help ensure you get everything you need.