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ADA Table Labels and Signs

Make Your Customers and Visitors Feel Welcome by Posting Our Handicap Table Labels

Use our subtle Handicap Table Labels, Handicap Accessible Labels or ADA Labels to broadcast to your visitors and customers which tables in your café or restaurant are suitable for those with disabilities. Owners of food establishments and other entertainment businesses should understand the importance of displaying the right signs to instruct wheelchair users to appropriate seating designed especially for their needs. The Americans with Disabilities Act, which is often referred to as the ADA, stipulates detailed rules for signage specifications for property owners to comply with to make their buildings and properties easily and safely accessible to all people whether they are handicapped or not. Creating reserved seating for the disabled using the correct Designated Seating for Handicap Signs to direct these people to it will earn you their ongoing gratitude and patronage.

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Rules That the ADA Mandates for Reserved Disabled Seating and ADA Table Labels and Signs

Dining areas and restaurants must provide a minimum of at least five percent of the available seating area as wheelchair accessible for handicap customers, which is one out of every 20 seats. These seating areas need to contain tables that people in wheelchairs can easily access and use. No columns or other impediments should make this inconvenient for wheelchair-bound persons. The table needs to be attached to the wall or have four legs and a clear space underneath it for the wheelchair to fit into without hassle. Also, these tables should be at least 28 inches from the floor and no higher than 34 inches. On top of this, the table needs to provide 27 inches clearance for knees from the underside of the table and the floor. These stipulations also pertain to patios, playgrounds, picnic tables and other outdoor venues for handicap accessibility.

Along with the table dimensions, you need to be certain that the route to the handicap seating is easily accessible for disabled people. The route should lead straight to the table without confusion. Also, the clear floor space for each accessible table needs to be 30 inches x 48 inches to all wheelchair users. All accessible tables can contain movable chairs as long as they are easy to remove when necessary to allow the wheelchair users to enjoy the tables.

The ADA mandates that all Reserved Disabled Seating Labels or ADA Table Labels and Signs used to point out tables designated for wheelchair accessibility must contain the International Symbol of Accessibility (ISA), or as it is also known as the wheelchair symbol. All of these signs and labels must be displayed on the top of the table in a location that is easily spotted by the disabled customers. However, there are not regulations about the size of the ISA, but the most popular sizes are no bigger than four inches x four inches. Our Designated Seating for Handicap Signs or Reserved Disabled Seating Labels also can be installed on walls over tables to alert handicapped customers to the fact that they are easily accessible. This is a courteous notice to all customers that the table is reserved for those with disabilities to use.

Our Company Manufactures and Sells a Wide Selection of ADA Table Labels and Signs

While the handicap signs for ADA Labels that contain the ISA are the most popular of any of the Handicap Accessible Labels with restaurants and other dining venues, other places choose to display Designated Seating for Handicap Signs or labels that broadcast the message “Reserved Seating for Customers with Disabilities” clearly. In addition, we receive orders for Handicap Table Labels that contain the statement “Wheelchair Accessible Reserved Seating” or “Table Designated for Handicap Seating” to display on tables.

In addition to other quality materials, we manufacture our Reserved Disabled Seating Table Labels with 3M Protective Overlay Film or POF that provides highly effective protection against scratches, stains and other signs of wear. It also makes the signs and labels easy to clean without abrasive solutions or pads. The Reserved Disabled Seating Labels from us come with a self-adhesive, peel-off backing to ensure that they are easy to install on a wall or any other flat surface. You also can adhere these durable Handicap Table Labels, ADA Labels, Designated Seating for the Handicap Signs or whatever other term that they go by to furnishings such as benches and chairs to point out accessible seating for your disabled patrons and visitors. Of course, there are the tabletop models as well. Feel free to examine the following selection to choose the models that best suit your needs and establishment. Contact us for further information or to place an order on the phone or by email.