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Auto Repair and SMOG Signs

Buy Only Official California Smog Station Signs and Other Related Signage

The landscape offerings in California exceed those of many other states across this country since you can discover dense forests, hilly canyons and spectacular coastline locations along with other eye-catching natural features. All of this natural splendor attracts such a large number of residents and visitors, though, that the traffic produces excessive air pollution. In fact, Los Angeles and its nearby regions have the worst air pollution in the country, an honor that concerned citizens and state authorities are working diligently to eradicate by enacting programs such as Smog Check. You will even see SMOG Check Banners in strategic locations throughout the state. Even the Bureau Of Automotive Repair always helps in this effort by broadcasting the need for all drivers to keep their vehicles in maximum operational condition. Also, there will be Smog Station Signs posted as well. These efforts are a great way to alert drivers to the problems and health concerns regarding the production of too much air pollution.

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SMOG Check and Smog Station Signage Educate Drivers

To effectively lower vehicle exhaust fume pollution, California requires all vehicle owners to have an emissions check on their vehicles every other year at certified smog check stations. Signage and banners point the way to these stations for all who need them. The law requires that the stations for smog checks post of these banners and signs to prove their legitimacy and the Bureau of Automotive Repair understands this completely. In addition, the state is encouraging drivers to ensure that their vehicles meet all of the emissions standards on a higher level than the basic ones through the STAR Certified program. Repair shops can not only perform the standard smog checks on vehicles, but they also can perform the stricter checks that are included in the STAR Certified program. SMOG Check Banners or Repair Station Signs must be displayed prominently to alert the public to which smog checks are available at the stations along with Hourly Labor Rate Signage.

Order the STAR Certified Signs From to Add to Your Present Signage

Our company provides not only official Repair Station Signs and SMOG Check Banners, but we also offer the signs to advertise the STAR program. Moreover, you can turn to us for your auto service banners to broadcast to your customer whether your shop is a test and repair, a test-only or STAR program one along with other information. Other offerings include signs that the Bureau of Automotive Repair also recommends, such as the Hourly Labor Rate Signage.

Browse through our website to learn all of our offerings or contact us for further details we will issue you a quote of any compliant Bureau of Automotive Repair signage and other signage upon request. Certain combinations of signs may even qualify for a discount when ordered at the same time.

Service Station Sign Kit includes B.A.R. Sign, Service Rates, Hourly Rate and Employees Only Signs
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Auto Repair and Service Station Sign Kit Includes All 4 Signs: California Required Bureau of Automotive Repair (B.A.R.) Sign, Service Rates Signs, Hourly Rate Sign and Employees Only STOP Sign
Regular Price: $223.75
On Sale For: $178.95