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Handicap Parking - California

All California Handicap Parking Signs Need to Comply With Current State Regulations

While most of the owners of public property here in the USA understand the necessity of adhering to the rules dictated by the Americans with Disability Act or the ADA, not all understand that California Handicap Parking Signs are unique to the other signs required in the rest of the country for this purpose. ADA regulations were enacted to guarantee that disabled individuals can access entrances and exits of public buildings, such as stores, restaurants, educational facilities, medical facilities, government buildings and more, safely and without confusion. Even though the existence of these regulations is well broadcasted, there are still some property owners who fail to adhere to them, and this is very evident here in California. Due to this fact, people in this state can file lawsuits against those public venues and establishments that ignore the need of posting California Disabled Parking Sign models on their properties.

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California Updated the Specifications for the R100B and R99C Signs in 2008

Back in 2008, California revised the regulations governing its R100B Tow-Away Signage and R99C Handicap Van Accessible Signs that point out the disabled parking spaces. As dictated by these regulations, California public buildings and venues must post the correct models of these signs in strategic locations in their parking lots. Although the changes are only minor ones, property owners can face steep fines of up to $4000 if they fail to adhere to these new updated rules. Posting California Handicap Parking Signs or Disabled Parking Sign options along with other MUTCD-compliant signs prevent these fines.

Choosing the Correct Disabled Parking Sign Options for Your Location

To make it less confusing to choose the right handicap signage for your property, we discuss some specifics in this section. The R99C Handicap Van Accessible Signs are prime examples of compliant disabled parking signage options that you must display in California. This signage model contains a pictogram of a person sitting in a wheelchair with a message that states “PARKING ONLY” to notate that the space is just for handicap parking. Also, the additional warning of “MINIMUM FINE $250” helps to deter violators from parking in the space. The pictogram that we described above is called the International Symbol of Accessibility or ISA. For vehicle drivers to park legally in these spaces, thy must display a handicapped placard or license plate, which are both issued by local authorities. The following are the specific codes for you to refer to in order to learn the specifications for handicap parking displays and spaces here in California:

Along with these rules, there are ADA regulations that dictate the specifications for you to display the R7-8B signs, which also state the message “VAN ACCESSIBLE” for your disable parking spaces. These signs point out that the reserved spaces are for van with wheelchair lifts. The R100B TOW-AWAY Signage is another example of the signage that California may require you to display in your parking lot. These signs inform drivers that violators will be towed away along with which agency to contact to reclaim their towed cars or other vehicles.

We Make Our California Handicap Parking Signage Options From Quality, Durable Materials in Accordance With This State’s ADA Regulations uses high-quality, heavy-duty, rust-resistant aluminum for the base of all of our California Handicap Parking Signs. We add the 3M reflective sheeting and fade-resistant inks to our sign bases. For this reason, we can guarantee that the signs have at least a seven-year lifespan without any type of fading. Also, you can increase this lifespan by requesting that we apply the 3M Protective Overlay Film to your signs to further protect them from weather or vandalism. Feel free to browse through our wide assortment of signs below to find the models that are ideal for your location. Remember that we also offer custom options upon request. All orders ship as soon as possible.